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Weird Mercedes Prototype
Thursday, 16 October 2014
I always like the sight of prototype cars, as these vehicles carry a rather futuristic outlook, which is simply mind-boggling. And quite frankly speaking, not all prototype cars would make it into mass production, as the concept might be simply too advance, too costly to manufacture, or perhaps not practical for this time of age itself.

Nevertheless, if looks like Mercedes is in fact working on yet another prototype car that looks like have been beamed back from the future – exactly 20 years ahead of our time. The photo suggests that the car might be a full electric vehicle, and the rather strange and odd-looking shape might suggest that it has extremely good aerodynamics, giving it extreme mileage. Apparently, Mercedes’ CEO, Dr. Dieter Zetsch, will deliver his CES 2015 keynote, and high chances are, he might also unveil the respective vehicle to the public.

Weird Mercedes Prototype

Lakland Bass
Thursday, 16 October 2014
The bass guitar is one of the easiest musical instruments that I have ever played in my lifetime, whereby the bass would require you to strum on individual notes, rather than chords like the ordinary guitar counterpart. Nevertheless, I’m actually shopping for a bass guitar as my Christmas present, and after browsing the internet for a couple of hours, it looks like I have fixed my choice to the Lakland Bass. The respective bass guitar offers superior playability, and according to reviewers, the respective guitar has a sturdy built too. Although the Lakland Bass might be priced in the mid-range section, I’m pretty sure the money is well spent due to the superior playability of the guitar.
Garmin Vivosmart
Thursday, 04 September 2014
It looks like the smartband and smartwatch arena is getting pretty crowded recently, with Samsung and Apple announcing their smart-products to the world. And it seems Garmin would like a shot at the respective market too, whereby the company has just recently unveiled their latest smartband-cum-smartwatch, dubbed as the Garmin Vivosmart.

At first glance, the Garmin Vivosmart isn’t really much of a device, as it has a rather small and slim screen, which looks quite impossible to read anything, much less, do anything useful on the device. According to Garmin, the Vivosmart acts as your regular smartband, whereby you can use it as your regular fitness tracker. The Vivosmart can also be used to show texts, calls, emails, game notifications, calendar appointments, and it even has music playback controls. And how much for the Garmin Vivosmart? You just need to pay a measly $170 for the smartband-smartwatch.

Garmin Vivosmart

I Want To Order A Subwoofer Now
Thursday, 04 September 2014
Quite frankly speaking, I’m an audiophile, and I do own a high-end hi-fi system at home, which would simply blow your mind away. Whenever I have some free time at hand, I will use my high-end hi-fi system to play my favorite tunes, as I find the entire session to be truly relaxing indeed. However, I found out that my subwoofer has some cracking sounds, and upon closer inspection, it seems that the subwoofer is damaged. And since my subwoofer is down, I’m searching the internet for a replacement unit, and hopefully, the respective web retailer would allow me to order now, so that I can receive the subwoofer as soon as possible. I’m actually searching for a high-end subwoofer, and hopefully, the new subwoofer would meet my audiophile expectations.
World First Government Backed Digital Currency
Saturday, 30 August 2014
Well, there’s been a fair share of digital currency being circulated around the globe, and one of these infamous currencies are none other than the BitCoin crypto-currency. Generally, these digital currencies are not recognized by any governments around the globe, but surely, it looks like the Czech Republic is set to change that status quo, as they will be launching their very first government-backed crypto-currency.

Dubbed as the CzechCrownCoin, the country’s Central Bank is set to be gearing up for a launch sometime in December this year, and they will be providing their citizens a tutorial on how they can get their hands on such currency. And if they do get their CzechCrownCoin off the grounds, this would be the world’s first government-backed crypto-currency in the world!

World First Government Backed Digital Currency

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