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Electric Blankets
Tuesday, 14 April 2015
I live in a rather cold place, and often I find myself searching for a hot & cozy spot at home to spend the cold winter nights. Of course, my home has a fireplace, however, due to the fact that firewood costs quite a bit nowadays, it’s best to snug into a warm electric blanket at night. Electric blankets aren’t expensive, but I do spend a considerable amount of time shopping for one as I would like the best value for my money. Apparently, CozyWinters has electric throw blankets, and they price their goods rather affordably as well. I normally spend roughly $50 for an electric throw blanket, and these blankets are ultra-portable, which makes it easy to carry around. I can simply lug an electric throw blanket into my car to keep my warm throughout my journey, and I can testify that it is quite comfortable too! If you ask me, I would definitely recommend you to get an electric throw blanket, as that would keep you warm on cold winter nights.
Microsoft Increasing Availability for Their Apps
Thursday, 11 December 2014
It has always been Microsoft’s strategy to lock their apps to their own platforms only – but surely, it seems that mobile technology has changed that particular approach, rendering it pretty obsolete. Well, it looks like Microsoft has adopted a new strategy for their popular software like Office, in which the company has recently released it to other platforms as well, like the iOS and Android.

On the other hand, Microsoft has begun increasing the number of applications that they will port to the Android and iOS, which includes MSN suite of apps (News, Sports, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink and Money). Generally, the release coincides with the revamp of MSN website too. Also, Microsoft wants to acquire HockeyApp, which would be part of their strategy for their mobile division.

Microsoft Increasing Availability for Their Apps

DBR 10
Thursday, 11 December 2014
Quite frankly speaking, I always pay a premium price to get premium sounds from a good loudspeaker, as the money invested is extremely worthwhile for me. And over the past decade or so, I have invested a lot of my time into audio and visual equipments, which literally cost me thousands of dollars. Lately, I have been given the task to install several PA speakers for the community hall in my community, and based on my audio experience, I have nominated the Yamaha DBR 10 as my premium choice, as these PA speakers are able to produce decent sounds, and the speakers are priced at the mid-range level, which is perfect for the budget too. I am just too excited to begin the installation process.
Weird Mercedes Prototype
Thursday, 16 October 2014
I always like the sight of prototype cars, as these vehicles carry a rather futuristic outlook, which is simply mind-boggling. And quite frankly speaking, not all prototype cars would make it into mass production, as the concept might be simply too advance, too costly to manufacture, or perhaps not practical for this time of age itself.

Nevertheless, if looks like Mercedes is in fact working on yet another prototype car that looks like have been beamed back from the future – exactly 20 years ahead of our time. The photo suggests that the car might be a full electric vehicle, and the rather strange and odd-looking shape might suggest that it has extremely good aerodynamics, giving it extreme mileage. Apparently, Mercedes’ CEO, Dr. Dieter Zetsch, will deliver his CES 2015 keynote, and high chances are, he might also unveil the respective vehicle to the public.

Weird Mercedes Prototype

Lakland Bass
Thursday, 16 October 2014
The bass guitar is one of the easiest musical instruments that I have ever played in my lifetime, whereby the bass would require you to strum on individual notes, rather than chords like the ordinary guitar counterpart. Nevertheless, I’m actually shopping for a bass guitar as my Christmas present, and after browsing the internet for a couple of hours, it looks like I have fixed my choice to the Lakland Bass. The respective bass guitar offers superior playability, and according to reviewers, the respective guitar has a sturdy built too. Although the Lakland Bass might be priced in the mid-range section, I’m pretty sure the money is well spent due to the superior playability of the guitar.
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