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Google Getting Smart with Google P
Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Google PhoneWell there’s that Apple iPhone and now even Google wants to join the smart phone race! Don’t know how reliable are the sources but there’s a rumour that Google is producing their own smart phone and it look damn nice!

Some said that the Google Phone is a collaboration between Google and Samsung. I think the features are pretty similar to the Apple’s iPhone. The only difference is the display or the viewable area is close to 90% of the entire phone! I’ve not seen anything that has such a huge display. Just one word – I want to OWN it!

Just look at the picture. That’s a huge display! Well rumor is still rumor unless Google officially states that they will be really launching their smart phone. And there’s also a rumor that Google will be producing their Google Operating System for the phone as well.

Hmm.. so many rumors but no confirmation. Anyone really believes that Google will be coming up with their smart phone? Any reliable or insiders sources? If it’s true, I want to see how it would perform against the Apple iPhone!


Overclocking 101
Tuesday, 20 March 2007

I have not been over-clocking my pc for quite sometime now – Did it in the past with my AMD Athlon processor. I was thinking of briefly sharing my experience in over-clocking an ‘old PC’.

What I did:

OverclockingGot a Gigabyte motherboard that supports AMD Athlon processors. Gigabyte at that time provides an easy way to set your own processor speed through the BIOS – Simple as that! However, there are many batch of processors produced at that time and you’ll need to pick the right one. Some of these processors are 1.8 GHz but are designed for up to 2800++, just that the manufacturer ‘lock’ the processor to a certain speed – this has got to do with their factory efficiency in producing microprocessor.

Unlike the classic pencil or carbon trick in the past, you don’t need to use it anymore. Simply apply a good thermal compound on the processor’s ‘die’ and apply it evenly. A good silver thermal compound is good. Place the processor into the socket and secure it by lowering the lever. Then make sure you get yourself a ‘bad ass’ heat sink fan! Copper is a good at conducting heat and usually these heat sink fans are made out of copper these days.

Of course there’s a fair percentage of chance that your processor will get fried along the way. Mine lasted close to 2 years and then gave up. But the performance that I got was fantastic!


Graphics Card Performance Comparis
Tuesday, 20 March 2007
Panther ProductsIf you are looking for a graphics card just like me, you might want to check out on their performance before you make the purchase. For instance, I love to look at how many pixels that it can churn out as part of my evaluation. Although it might not reflect the overall performance of the graphics card, I just love numbers.

You can actually visit this website – and its graphics card comparison chart by clicking here. There you can see a basic evaluation from GeForce 2 to GeForce 7 series together with Radeon X series.

For example, the graphics comparison chart shows up to GeForce 7950 GTX2 which is a dual core card. This babe can actually churn out 16 billion pixels per second – that’s huge! Compared to the 6800 XT that I’m planning to buy, the 6800 XT can only produce around 2.4 billion pixels per second and that’s roughly 8 times slower.

Hmm… I’m already drooling all over these graphics card performance spec sheets. I’ll get a high end machine if I have the dough.

Hope you enjoy this! Cheers! - Download Some Soft
Tuesday, 20 March 2007
Looking for some ‘underground’ software? (You know what I mean right?)

Searching high and low for a software that you couldn’t get your hands on?

PhazeDDLI usually do my search on this site called – Until now I still don’t have a clue on what DDL stands for. You can actually search for plenty of software that you can’t get your hands on. However, not everything might be stored on their server. Many times the site have redirected me to another site to get the specified file and there’s a high percentage that you might not even get the file!

If I’m not mistaken, PhazeDDL is collaborating with a few other sites to bring these ‘software’ for you. Something like,, and thing like that.

Finally, *psst* don’t let anyone know that I told you this secret. *It’s between you and me*

Fly For Fun Free Online Game by GP
Monday, 19 March 2007

Overall Game Rating – 3.8/5 Close to Being Recommended!

Fly For FunFinally a game that is close to worth playing for a while. Yes, as stated on the title – it’s Fly For Fun! Although it might be a little kiddy like or ‘childish’ for ‘matured’ gamers in US, but heck it’s a fun game means it’s a FUN game! I love the graphics although I’m using a pretty old system and what more can I say? I’m just using a GeForce 2 and the game runs brilliantly.

A quick glance you will notice that this game is released by GPotato – another good work from them apart from Rappelz. But one thing crossed my mind, are all online games currently operated by GPotato suffer from one common problem? – Lag?

Game Download – 3/5
Although they did not host the server to download the game, there’s actually a plentiful of websites that you can use to download the game. I chose FilePlanet as I’ve already registered a free account and the downloader is already installed in my PC. It took me 4 hours to get the 500MB file into my hardisk. But I got to praise GPotato’s update server for prompt update on their game file. I just spent 45 minutes to update the game unlike A3 which took me a couple of hours.

For this they score high on the game update part but they need to buck up the file downloading process. So it’s still bearable.


Game Play – 4/5
I would say that this game is pretty similar to Ragnarok Online. Given the choice, I would even name it Ragnarok Online 2 – 3D style. The attacking modes are pretty similar. Just point your cursor to the monster and the character will auto attack. Another game that is pretty close to Fly For Fun is of course ROSE Online. The graphics has a uncanny similarity.

Leveling up is pretty easy. You can even hit level 20 in a single day. But one most important factor spoiled the entire game itself – Lag. Yes you got that right, compared to Rappelz their lag is not that serious. But you might imagine that attacking a monster might take a little time. I’ve died numerous times just because of lag – I couldn’t observe how much life I had and pressing the potion button seemed not working! Well it seems better on weekdays and the worst on weekends!

For the character development and skills system, it’s pretty limited. You can only add a handful of skills each time your character levels up. I’ll be happier if they have something similar to Ragnarok Online’s skill system!

One thing that I like about the game is that you can actually FLY! You'll need to take a flying test though! You can either use the broom, a hover board and one more which I forgot.

I’d love to give them 5/5 provided if they would create a lesser ‘lag’ environment and have a better skill system – ADD MORE BANDWIDTH AND COPY RAGNAROK ONLINE!

Game Engine – 4/5
Although it’s a pretty simple game, the graphics are not too bad. It’s acceptable and much better compared to the strip down version of Rappelz. Furthermore it didn’t give any pressure to my old graphics card and I can play the game nicely. The environment is well designed and the sound system is marvelous. So no complain here!

Hands itchy? Addicted to online game? Then you might want to give Fly For Fun a try by clicking their link here:

In the mean time, enjoy some screenshots I took in game. There's a couple of YouTube videos at the bottom as well. Enjoy while I get myself addicted to this game!

Online Shop

Shopping for some items on other people's shop (click to enlarge)

The Town Area

The town and the community - npcs to buy equips (click to enlarge)

Buying items from vendor or npc

Drooling over some new weapons in the npc shop (click to enlarge)

Getting out of town

Getting out of town to hunt some monsters. Some one is flying! (click to enlarge)

Hunting some monsters

Eat this monster! SmallPukePuke? Sounds funny (click to enlarge)

Stupid joker

Some stupid joker monster. Die you! (click to enlarge)

Eat this!

Monster eating my blow. Was it nice? (click to enlarge)

A couple of YouTube movie you should definitely see:
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