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PC Hardware for extreme gaming - A
Thursday, 15 March 2007
Alien Ware Aurora ALX

Alienware is quite new in the PC market. I’m not even aware of its existence in the 90s but of late I salute their marketing strategy, promoting themselves from a ‘nobody’ to become one of the top choices in gaming hardware.

Some might ask me, why do I want to spend a fortune on a PC? I just need one to do spreadsheet, some word documents and browsing the Internet – You are right! You can even do these chores using a Pentium II PC. But for hardcore gamers who demands top quality gaming – they want the best.

Laggy PC tends to get your character killed. A high spec PC will most likely enhance your gaming experience and of course you can always brag about the system that you purchased with IT geeks.

So do I have a top spec machine? No – I am still using an Athlon 1.8 GHz processor and GeForce 2 and 4 Ti graphics card with 512MB of RAM. But I wish I have can buy one of Alienware’s PC.

Aurora ALX Ultimate Performance - $4,999 that’s a whooping $17,500 when converted to my currency!

AMD Athlon 64 X2 3.0 GHz
2X 768 MB GDDR3 GeForce 8800 GTX SLI
4 DVI – Quad display

My god – these specs have blown my brains out! That’s 6GHz of raw power and 4GB RAM is HUGE! Not to mention you’ll have the top class GeForce 8800 GTX and two of it! Quad display and 1 terrabyte (TB) of hard disk.

Christmas is far away, but I’ll place an order with Santa 6 months early. Dear Santa! Grant my wish please!

See the hardware by clicking here. Top 3 Online Games o
Thursday, 15 March 2007
I’d like to do some reviews on online games that is play-worthy and most importantly – FREE! There’s plenty of free massive multiplayer online games out in the market but it’s kind of sad that many of these games are just plain crap – sorry to say.

I used to search the Internet and to look for free and good games. Usually I’ll give these games a try and sometimes I’m just not impressed with the online game. Don’t get me wrong – I was a game addict and still am and although it’s a crappy game, I still can get hook to it for a few weeks.

Mentioned earlier, I’ve played many online games. Some of these games are

Ragnarok Online

1. Ragnarok Online –

It is paid service now but you can find many free private servers. Owned by Gravity, distributed by Gameflier and originated from South Korea, this game was one of the biggest hit in the online gaming industry. Initially they had an international server but branched out to regional countries around Asia – Malaysia, India, Philippines, Indonesia and many more. They even have servers in Europe, China, Brazil, Russia, etc.

RO was the reason I got hooked into online games. It was so fun and addicted and not to mention it was also free when initially launched. I played it full time for 6 months and enjoyed every moment of it. Met plentiful of friends and even had a few girlfriends.

Pros –
1. Addictive
2. Good controls
3. Vast range of characters and skills
4. Constant improvement of the game playability
5. Able to meet and interact with people all around the world

Cons –
1. Some older generation gamers criticize this game being too ‘childish’
2. Botters have taken over the game – huge farming activities

Risk Your Life

2. RYL (Risk Your Life)

When Ragnarok Online started charging, I began looking for another free online game – at least still in beta so that I don’t have to pay. The next big hit was RYL or Risk Your Life. This game has almost everything that you ever want in a 3D online game. Spotting a 3D game engine and of course ‘interactive’ controls which gives you real-time environment, it’s one of the best and well designed games out in the market.

From the time they launched till they started charging, I’ve never regretted playing this game. Furthermore they have enhanced gamer’s experience by launching RYL 2. Not sure how successful was the launch, but I’ve played it for a brief moment and it looks good.

Pros –
1. Beautiful 3D environment without needing a high specs machine to play it
2. Good server response time
3. Real-time gameplay and attack system
4. Interesting weapon choices and upgrade options

Cons –
1. Not many choices of skills and character classes
2. No customizable accessories (girls love this)

Guild Wars

3. Guild Wars –

I should have entered Lineage 2 as the third preferred online games of all time but after thinking for a while, Lineage 2 has some cons that I didn’t like.

My elder brother bought 2 sets of Guild Wars – this is one of the rarest moments where I actually bought ‘original’ software. Each of the codes or license grants you unlimited play online.

What I love about this game is of course the graphics and you don’t need a high spec machine to play this game.

Pros –
1. Low machine specs requirements to run good 3D graphics
2. Can play with your friends and form groups to accomplish missions
3. Can customize your weapon of choice and vast range of skills
4. You’ll just need to purchase the software once and unlimited online play

Cons –
1. Leveling up is kind of slow and tedious
2. You’ll need to travel long distances to fulfill your missions

Of course there are plenty of other online games out in the market but I chose these 3 as my favorite. Happy gaming!
PS If you are wondering what machine I was using, here are the specs:

1.8 GHz Athlon
GeForce2 and GeForce4 Ti

Kind of low isn't it? 

Rappelz, Siege to Glory!
Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Overall Game Rating – 3/5 ok-ok, so-so

Rappelz Siege to GloryThis game looks mighty fine from the screenshots that was included in their main site – It looks like a beautiful game and you can even download the trailer from their website!

Game Engine – 5/5
However, I’ve downloaded the game and was not impressed by it. One thing that I should salute was in fact that your machine’s specs don’t need to be top end to play the game. You can actually set what graphics quality you want to play in and in the highest resolution, you get every details such as moving grass, swaying trees and intense details on every object. When I decrease it to medium to low, these objects started to disappear and I can only see a plain terrain. For their game engine I give it a 5/5 – Good Work!

Game Download – 2/5
On the other hand, downloading this game was pretty slow – though I did it in one day with my computer turned on the whole time. The file size was a whooping 1.3 GB. That’s huge! Mighty huge! The thing that turned off my excitement was you’ll need to update the game and their update server is DARN slow! There were files that need to be downloaded and I’m seriously not impressed with their update server. It took me another 6 hours just to update the game – not to forget the difficulty to even connect to their update server. I had to try multiple times before they start updating the game. I’m pretty frustrated, I give u 2/5 – very bad you need to buck up.

Game Play – 2.5/5
Game play was alright you’ll get to choose 3 races and many classes under them and each has their own skills and special abilities. You can choose your character’s face and body features but the clothes are kind of lame as there’s limited choice. And secondly, attacking the monsters is kind of lame as its automatic. All you need to do is select a monster and press the attack key. I prefer Ragnarok Online and RYL attack features compared to Rappelz. You have complete control on how to attack and what to attack and it is real time. But I have to say that the game is kind of laggy. I know, I know – it’s free. But attacking a monster is pretty difficult and this decreases the ‘feel’ of the game. For this I give them 2.5/5 as they did a moderate job.

With all the hype and marketing strategies, I felt that GPotato did an excellent job. But I wouldn’t stick long to this game as the game playability is kind of not so attractive to my tastes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just me and it’s a fact that there are many people who enjoys this game very much.

You can read my review on my other blog by clicking

Want to give this game a try? Visit their main website here


Happy Chinese New Year!!!
Saturday, 17 February 2007
As Chinese New Year looms, I want to wish all a Happy Chinese New Year and have a safe journey home! Get more angpaos and of course, don't be notty! Play more fire crackers and don't forget to call me.

This is the year of the PIG (I'm serious) and may all the PIGs bring you prosperity and luck. Happy holidays to all the readers!
Chinese New Year!
Fallout Boy! Ahem, I mean Fallout
Saturday, 17 February 2007

Fallout 3This is one of the best games ever! I’ve completed Fallout 2 a couple of times and I’m still enjoying it.

My Ratings (1 to 5):
Playability: 5
Addictiveness: 5
Game features: 5
Game play: 4
Storyline: 5

There was news that Fallout 3 was coming out soon end of this year. But this news was circulating for quite some time and last year, I heard that it was coming out this year. Kinda like a loop right? Maybe at the end of this year, someone will say that it will be coming out end of next year!

But good news is that some software developer is finally taking the challenge to complete Fallout3! Don’t know what happened but it seems that many of these software companies always went bankrupt not long after a successful launch of a game – is it a trend?

What worries me is that they might change the gameplay into something else – NO! I love the classic but maybe they can do something about the action points and action time – too slow and take too much time. But in Brotherhood of Steel, they have actually incorporated Real-time gameplay – it was tough and you can’t even win the game as monsters were running too fast!


May my prayers come true.

Fallout 3
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