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Spun Poly Napkins for Weddings
Saturday, 30 August 2014
I find weddings to be a joyous occasion, whereby family and friends are gathered on that auspicious day, to celebrate a holy matrimony between two beautiful individuals. Surely, it’s utterly important to have a proper preparation when organizing a wedding, as it would surely affect the entire atmosphere. And if you are searching for appropriate napkins for your wedding, perhaps you should take a closer look at some of these spun poly napkins for weddings by The respective company is a reputable table linen provider, and they cater various linen products like tablecloths, table skirts, table runners, chair covers, napkins, and more. Visit for more info.
Gesture-Controlled Digital Canvas
Monday, 21 July 2014
Ever since Microsoft showcased their latest revolutionary Xbox that recognizes gestures from the users, this particular concept has already gained widespread applications, in which we saw Samsung adopting this particular piece of technology into their smartphones. And just recently, Electric Objects has come up with an innovative digital canvas that recognizes gesture-control from the user.

Electric Objects is apparently seeking fund on Kickstarter to get their digital canvas rolling. Generally, they already have a prototype, whereby the 40-inch model comes with WiFi, a 720p front-facing camera and motion sensors, which recognizes gestures from the person standing in front. There will be several variants available, namely a 24-inch 1080p screen will be available for purchase at $399, and the 40-inch version will be up for grabs at $1,500. There’s also a super-sized digital canvas, which measures a whopping 55-inch which you can grab for $10,000.

Gesture-Controlled Digital Canvas

Personalized Christmas Tree Ornaments
Monday, 21 July 2014
Christmas is still several months ahead, but surely, there are some avid shoppers who are shopping for their Christmas presents already! Nevertheless, part and parcel of celebrating Christmas is having nice Christmas decorative around the house, such as a beautiful Christmas tree, Christmas themed home accessories, and some even place beautiful Christmas lights on the house too. And if you are shopping for some beautiful personalized Christmas tree ornaments, you should definitely shop for these via The respective web store sells various Christmas ornaments like angels, gingerbread, beach, animals, music, and many more. Visit for more info.
LG Lucid 3
Saturday, 15 March 2014
Well, if you have been anxiously waiting for an upcoming LG smartphone, you’d be delighted to know that LG will soon release their LG Lucid 3 pretty soon. And once released, it will be bound to Verizon, whereby you can opt for one of their mobile phone plans, with the catch that you’ll get to purchase the smartphone at a subsidized rate rather than the retail price.

Generally, the LG Lucid 3 will take some design cues from their existing G-series. The Lucid 3 will feature rounded corners, and also a curved back. On the other hand, the Lucid 3 will also come with Samsung-esque physical home key too, rather than capacitive buttons. Apparently, the Lucid 3 will feature mid-range specifications, and will bear the model number, VS876.

LG Lucid 3

Business Card Printers
Saturday, 15 March 2014
I hand out hundreds of business cards weekly, as I hold business meetings across the state with prospects who want to engage my services. And judging by the fact that I hand out such a large amount of business cards every month, I always hire cheap business card printers to print my business cards. It’s fairly easy to locate an affordable yet reliable printer in my region, whereby I rely on to help me source for these printers. The respective website requires me to enter my ZIP code or address into the search bar, and once entered, the website will search its massive database for business card printers in the vicinity. Thus, if you are searching for business card printers too, try
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