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Online Dating Site
Tuesday, 08 May 2007
Just Say is an online dating site that offers high quality services for its members. Registration is free and you don’t need a credit card to participate on the site. Their objective is to provide a genuine and 100% free online dating site which their service will match other top online dating sites.

Of course, comparing this site to other free dating sites, JustSayHi stays committed to improve their site to create values to the participants. For those who are really looking for dates, JustSayHi might just be the thing that you are looking for.

Hope that you’ll get a date tonight and as always, anything starts with a ‘hi’ – So JustSayHi!
College Education is Important
Wednesday, 02 May 2007

ProfessionalsAs you can read on the title, college education or simply tertiary education is very important! If you are looking for a college you might want to give Collins School a try. IT jobs are hot since the early 90s. When programming revolutionized to object oriented programming, programmers actually make huge income from their job. They were getting a five figure income from large corporations.

Of course, choosing the right education which is supported by excellent infrastructure is also important. If you are looking for an IT college, you must always check on their IT infrastructure such as the computers and lab, classrooms, digital printing room, video editing bays, darkrooms, photographic studio and many more. Be sure that they are offering the best facilities and the latest software for your education. You don’t want to study something that is obsolete such as COBOL right? There won’t be any demands for it.

 Taking a study loan is common – I took mine from my family. For those who want to take a study loan, be sure to check whether the educational institution offers any. If they do, it will make your life much easier.

Get the best college for your education. Good luck and cheers!

Likno Drop-Down Menu Trees
Wednesday, 02 May 2007

Likno menu treeSpeaking on DHTML menus on the previous post, Likno also offers drop-down menu trees. I think drop-down menu trees is a great way to show your links on your website. For example, your menu does not need to be cluttered and takes a lot of space from your website. Available space on your website is valuable! You can convert them into cash by appending money making opportunities at the designated areas.

From the drop-down menus shown on Likno, you can see that the tree structure truly shows your visitors a graphical representation on the entire site. Accessing sub categories is as simple as clicking your mouse and selecting.

I have to say that the design that comes with the package is good. You can even put a mini icon right beside the link to identify it easier. Furthermore, you can change the background to the desired background by using the software.

Likno drop-down menu uses Javascript and DHTML that will integrate into any browsers. It’s important the drop-down menu is compatible because I’ve seen issues with browsers which failed to display properly.

If you are thinking of revamping your links on your site, you might want to give Likno’s drop-down menu trees a try.


AllWebMenus Pro!
Wednesday, 02 May 2007

AllWebMenusDHTML stands for Dynamic HTML. If you are looking for a professionally done web menus you can actually try AllWebMenus. AllWebMenus have a huge range of customizable menus where you can choose a wide range of menu styles for your website or blog that you are working on.

Menus are important for a website. Drop down or a simple tree menu can help you save the much needed space on your website. For example, you don’t want your menu structure to be cluttered by a huge list of links right? A huge list of links will confuse your visitors and there would be high possibility that they will not return.

AllWebMenus uses JavaScripts which is optimized and supported by all major browsers such as FireFox, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera, Apple or Safari and many more. Most importantly, it is search engine optimized to increase your search engine optimization for your site. With the recent launch on Vista, AllWebMenus are designed and tested to work under Vista.

AllWebMenus doesn’t require you to have any knowledge on DHTML or JavaScript – you just need to know what link and how it looks like – that’s all.

Thinking of revamping your links? You might want to give AllWebMenus a try!

Hope this helps. Cheers!

Business Magazines
Wednesday, 02 May 2007

Pretty HandsBusiness magazines have always been part of my life. I’ve been reading various business magazines for years. If you know me – I aspire to be a successful entrepreneur. I’m already planning for my retirement in my early 30s. Of course building and sustaining a successful business takes a lot of time and effort.

Leveraging has always been the key point in a successful business. You can’t run the entire company using 100% of your effort. Why don’t you leverage on 1% effort of a hundred people? Many might not notice this in their daily work – that your boss is actually leveraging your effort by assigning tasks to you.

Well finding a suitable business for you might take some time. You can’t simply rent an office and start your own business just like that – who are your customer and what are you offering by the way? Information has always been the key and information if properly used equals to lots of money. You might ask – how do you get info? Simple – through business magazines.

Hope this helps. Cheers and have a nice day! 

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