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1 TeraByte (TB) Hard Drives Hit th
Thursday, 29 March 2007
1 TB DrivesHitachi unveiled the first 1TB hard drive into the market. That’s a whooping one thousand billion byte of data! Comparing this drive to my PC, that’s 10 times the size of my current storage capacity. Sources stated that the drive would be released into the market on the first quarter of 2007 with capacity from 750GB to 1TB.

Well higher storage is needed especially when the Internet is speeding ahead, becoming faster and faster everyday. I used to download movies and anime bit torrent style and this takes loads of space. Given the choice, I’d strap 4x1TB drives on my PC and save every damn thing off the Internet.

It would never be enough, trust me!
Hot PC Games Released Into the Mar
Thursday, 29 March 2007

GameSpotHands itching? Having sleepless nights? Just feel like chopping something up with your battle axe imbued with 4 elements or your unique battle bow that can do gazillion tons of damage? Yes my friend, you and I are the same species – Game Addicts!

Usually I pay GameSpot a visit to look for interesting games. Unfortunately, there aren’t any :P Here’s a list on their latest game list.

1. C&C 3 Tiberium Wars – 9.0
2. The Elder Scroll 4: Shivering Isles
3. Resistance: Fall of Man – 8.6
4. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl – 8.5
5. Super Paper Mario
6. God of War II – 9.2
7. Devil May Cry 4
8. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – 9.6
9. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition – 8.1
10. The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion – 9.5

Frankly speaking, I’m not really a fan of C&C. Don’t get me wrong, I did play countless of hours when the game was launched some 10 years ago. It was a super hit in Cyber Cafes in my area. Everyone was playing that game and trying to outdo each other. Can you imagine little boys who are still in their early and mid teens gambling with each other where the loser will pay the bill?

I’m not really a big fan of Elder Scroll either. I did play the earlier version and it’s pretty much of a hack-and-slash game – which fits brilliantly for my gaming style. But the game graphics just didn’t appeal to me and the storyline is darn long which makes me feel kinda bored.

One game that looks promising enough I think should be God of War II – should have been renamed ‘Warlord’ (if you watch a movie ‘Lord of War’ starring Nicholas Cage you would know what I mean :D).. It looks pretty much the same as Gladiator, with you wielding a kick-ass sword or battle axe killing everything that ‘was’ in your path. The graphics look amazing. Take a look at Gamespot’s God of War II image gallery.

Well Grand Theft Auto looks fun, but I’ve already completed it some time ago. Not bad for a game which brings you to another level of realism where it is ‘OKAY’ to knock people out silly for walking on the sidewalk. Carjacking, bank robbery, shooting people with your sub-machine guns, and crashing the helicopter into the park, you don’t get these in your daily lives right? Again – It’s OKAY to run people down the sidewalk – in GTA that is.

I’m pretty much looking forward for games that look like Fallout and Titan Quest – anything that involves a great storyline and hack-and-slash. If they would come out with a game like Freelancer or Privateer that’ll be my big hit as well – I always dream of becoming a starship captain and a space merchant.

Till then, cheers!

Fly For Fun +7 Leaf Sword
Friday, 23 March 2007
FlyForFun +7 Leaf SwordI’m currently hooked on Fly For Fun It’s really FUN! Although I’m not playing it 24x7, but I try to play it whenever there is some time to spare.

What made things more interesting was I found a rare +7 Leaf Sword. Some one offered me 500K for the sword but I decline. I will only sell then my level is higher and I have no more use for the sword. I can always sell it later right?

Reaching level 15 took some time as I didn’t put my heart and soul in the game. But with the +7 Leaf Sword everything seems easier. Monsters died faster and leveling up were not a pain in the ass. I wonder how much greens (actual money) I can get if I auction my sword in sweatshops?

Another thing I enjoyed is of course the community in the game. Some are ass wipes while most of the community is generally friendly – so I made a few friends online. Now is time for me to choose what class I want to play.

Should I play a Mercenary? – usual hack and slash, Knights and Blade
Assist? – the priest or healers, Billposter and RingMaster
Magician? – fireball throwers, Psykeeper and Elementer
Or Acrobat? – the long range player (archers), Jester and Ranger

I’m thinking of becoming a Merc. I always like a nice hack and slash. I’m bored of throwing fireballs – I was a Magician in RYL and Ragnarok Online while a Merchant that shoots in ROSE Online.

Wish me luck. Anyone wants to buy my +7 sword? I’m open for bidding :)
Reviewing Some Samsung Phones E370
Wednesday, 21 March 2007

I love Samsung. In fact I currently own 2 Samsung for quite some time now. The first I got was a C100 – I won it from Burger King scratch and win! The second phone is a E350 and I am still using it now. The C100 was a lousy phone – but it’s free anyway, so what the heck. The E350 is many times better and I love using it. It’s so small, it can fit any pocket and the battery life is reasonable – It can last 3 days on one full charge.

I’m thinking of doing some window shopping to see what hot Samsung phones are in the market. I don’t like clamshells – I think it’s pretty inconvenient to use one as you need to use both of your hands to open it. But I love candy bar and slider style. At the moment, I don’t find any reasonably looking candy bar style phones from Samsung but there is a couple of small slider that looks perfect. Here are a few worth mentioning:

Samsung E370E370

Display – 65K
Dimension – 86x43.1x20.4
Memory – 40MB internal
Data – EDGE, Bluetooth, USB
Camera – 1.3MP

Similar to E350, the E370 is black and has a couple of other color. It has all the functions of the E350 and even has the same memory size of 40MB. They should have added a card slot into the E370 to make the memory size bigger – you can’t store much with 40MB (trust me). Additional features on the E370 include EDGE support and Bluetooth as well. Having Bluetooth increases your transfer rate many times compared to the infrared in the E350. Other than the features mention, there’s nothing much. It’s the same size as the E350 and same weight as well.

From my personal experience, if I have the money, I would still stick to the E350 as there’s not much difference with the E370. But for new buyers, you might want to get something that has a card slot as I love to listen to MP3 on my mobile. 40MB is just not enough!


The D900 has been around in the market for quite sometime now. It’s worth mentioning because it’s one of the best Samsung D series phone. Although it might be a little bigger and bulkier, the features packed in this phone are quite fantastic.

D900Display – 256K
Dimension – 103.5x51x12.9
Memory – 60MB internal, microSD
Data – EDGE, Bluetooth, USB
Camera – 3.15MP 2048x1536

Very impressive for this little device especially it has a 3 megapixels camera. But one thing I don’t like is this thing is HUGE and fat for a slider. I love the amount of memory packed inside and I can save quite a number of MP3 inside.


The i310 is not available everywhere. Here are some specs:

Display – 65K
Dimension – 111.9x48.5x19.8
Speaker – dual
Memory – 64MB internal, microSD, 8GB microdrive
Data – EDGE, Bluetooth, USB
OS – Windows Mobile 5
Camera – 2MP 1600x1200

i310One thing I notice instantly is that this phone is HUGE! I don’t think I will be comfortable carrying this device around in my pockets. But huge device comes with huge memory! Look at the 8GB microdrive, that’s mammoth memory. Another thing is it has dual speakers and a good camera.

Conclusion – I won’t buy any of these phones even though I have the money. I’d still wait for the Apple iPhone and maybe if rumors are true, I would consider the Google Phone as well.






Making Video Calls? Some Random Ra
Tuesday, 20 March 2007
Creative WebcamMy dad asked me to buy a web cam for the family PC. He wanted to talk to my sister in UK as well as saving costs when talking to my mom. You see he is actually working overseas at the moment. He even paid me to get the web cam!

I think the Internet has surely evolved in my country. Long gone are the days where we used to have the trusty and sometimes not that trusty 56K modem. It’s all a blazing 1Mbps now. I was thinking how do you really chat with the other person? What software?

Then I remembered that you can always use MSN! Yeah MSN will auto detect the web cam on your PC and you can connect both to chat. Although the quality might not be superior, but reasonable enough to make out what the other person is talking and doing.

My mom is pestering me day and night to buy the web cam. I’ll get it soon enough, maybe on the weekend. Any idea what web cam or brand that I should get?

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