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My dream PC, a kick ass PC!
Monday, 19 March 2007

Speaking of my dream PC, I’m pretty motivated to talk about the PC that I would like to purchase and use! PC has been and always been part of my life. Don’t know what I would do if I don’t have a PC or even the Internet connection!

Alienware PCOk here’s the spec of my dream PC. I don’t know whether the mobo can really support what I want as there are too many choices in the market. So here goes:

1. Processor: AMD Athlon AM2 X2 5000+ - $220
2. Cooler Master for AMD AM2 - $30
3. Asus SLI mobo - $125
4. 2GB Kingston - $200
5. 500GB SATA2 Seagate - $190
6. Creative SB 5.1 - $20
7. 768MB Asus GeForce 8800 GTX - $710
8. LiteOn DVDRW SATA - $40
9. 17 inch Samsung - $170
10. Cooler Master Casing - $100
11. Keyboard - $10
12. Mouse - $10
13. Edifier 3 piece speaker system - $100

Total: $1925

That’s pretty heavy on my money. Don’t think that it will be realistic enough to own such a system. This might last up to 3 years and obsolete. That’ll be an investment of $600 a year and $50 a month. Though $50 might not be a large sum, but the total amount paid would kill me!

I might be able to reduce some costs if I choose a lousier graphics card, maybe GeForce 7 something. But that’s all.

Dear Santa, here is my wish list for 2007! Thank you!

PS: A kick ASS and insane 8800 GTX graphics card:

8800 GTX 

Getting Some Parts for My Aging PC
Monday, 19 March 2007

GeForce 6800 XTI’m seriously thinking of getting parts for my current PC. My current one can do basic stuff but when playing games it kinda sucks. I’m currently using:

AMD Athlon 1.8 GHz
512 MB SD PC133 RAM
15 inch tube monitor
Sound Blaster
32MB GeForce 2 and 128MB GeForce 4 Ti

I can play normal basic games – those that don’t demand much out of your PC. I’m thinking of investing some money in the graphics card. 1.8 GHz will still be able to manage some games. I’m thinking of buying a 128MB GeForce 6800 XT (extreme edition, shown on picture). Though nothing fantastic, it beats the GeForce 2 graphics card more or less. If I’m not mistaken, the 6800 XT can handle 2.4 billion pixels per second – that’s pretty reasonable. Not top of the line it only costs around $60 for a new card. I’m not going for heavy graphics like a GeForce 8800 GT coupled together using SLI that is capable of churning out 20 to 30 billion pixels per second. That’s a pretty high end graphics card and it will blow my pocket for 2 years!

Here’s what I want to do in sequence:

1. 128MB GeForce 6800 XT - $60
2. 2X 512MB (1GB) SD PC133 RAM - $55x2 = $110
3. 17 inch LCD Samsung monitor - $150
4. I might need a larger power supply, at least 400-500 watt - $30
(just in case for the graphics card as it has high to huge power consumption)

Total: $350

I would definitely need the basic 6800 XT graphics card for more recent games. Mine doesn’t really bring out the realism and the look and feel of the game. I’d Samsung 17 inchget a 17 inch LCD monitor as I’m using a 15 inch tube – it’s frying my eyes everyday with radiation. 1GB of RAM would ensure that this system would last for at least 2-3 years. And as for the power supply, graphics card nowadays do really consume very high power. I’ve fried 2 power supply unit in the past because of the GeForce 4 Ti and that’s just technology of the past, what about newer graphics card?

Anyone wanna chip in to my funds? :D Help me get some parts! At least $60! Thanks!





  - Listen to free
Monday, 19 March 2007

Radio Blog ClubI think there’s plenty of websites out in the Internet where you can actually listen to free music online. For example you can listen to Yahoo Radio or even Yahoo Music as well. So what if they don’t have your favorite music in store?

You can actually listen to RadioBlogClub! They have a huge range of free music online. Don’t know whether they are legal or not, but heck you can listen to these music for free right?

You can listen to the latest My Chemical Romance, Avril Lavigne, Justin Timberlake, American Rejects and more! My Chemical Romance is one of my favorite and they even have the whole album!

Previously you can listen to music without registering but lately they just want you to do a simple registration and login each time you want to listen to an album.

Here’s a tip for you: If you are using Internet Explorer, sometimes the file is saved in the Temporary Internet Folder. You can find the MP3 file there. Just save it into your hardrive but be very careful with RIAA! These file although small, it’s good for listening from your cell phone.

Hope you enjoy your music! Cheers and have a nice day!


A3 Review - Sort of Free Online Ga
Saturday, 17 March 2007

A3Overall Game Rating – 2/5 Not recommended

Stupid me! I played A3 1 or was it 2 years ago! I went to MMORPG to look for more free online games and I saw A3 on the list. I didn’t recall as this game sucks – big time.. At least it didn’t suit my taste – very sorry to those who are fans of A3.

Game Download – 1.5/5
Game download was slow! I’m running on a DSL line and is capable of downloading stuff at top speed of 100-110kpbs depending on both end of the servers. The file was only 300MB and it took me 5 hours just to download it. I only got between 5-20kbps. Furthermore, updating the game through their update launcher took another 4 hours. I can say that their server is darn slow. You’ll need to buck up! Get more bandwidth or something.

Game Play – 2/5
Well it was interesting looking at the skills and weapon choices and upgrade options on their website. I bet that their game engine is quite good. However, graphics wise is not that ‘enticing’ to me. Even ROSE Online which is a little ‘childish’ or kidlike anime style looks much better compared to A3. Anyway you don’t need a super computer to run this game. You’ll just need

1. Pentium III or Celeron 600MHz
2. Min GeForce2

That’s pretty low for a ‘so-so’ graphics game. They didn’t score waayyy low like 1/5 because they were saved by the skills, weapon choices and not that fantastic but the clothes are ok. I would love to give it 3/5 but then again, their bandwidth is limited and has a little lag. For example, you use your mouse pointer to move your character and it will have 1-2 seconds delay.

I didn’t stayed long in A3 – the lag has made me not want to continue playing the game. It doesn’t projects ‘oneness’ and 'feel' between the player and the game. It does not have anything interesting that made me continue playing the game. There wasn’t many people even playing the game! Well another online game shelved into the dusty bin.

Enough said, take a look at some screenshots of the game itself:

Login here

The login screen looks impressive with an animated creature greeting you! (click to enlarge)

Select your character

Create and select your character - DotMySpot. (click to enlarge)

In game characters

This is how the people look like - medieval style. (click to enlarge)

More people

Other characters in the game. (click to enlarge)

Want to give it a try? Here’s the link – 
Basic PC Troubleshooting Skills?
Thursday, 15 March 2007

Trouble Shooting PCIt’s kind of weird – In the past, I was working as an IT Support Engineer with a huge MNC dealing in oil and gas, spanning over 80 countries. It is weird troubleshooting PC for people especially those that are not so ‘technologically savvy’.

For example I’ve received calls from people

1. My PC suddenly died or NO display! Come quick I got an urgent report to submit. When I arrived somehow someone turned the main power switch to off.

2. No network! – This is the classic. The user plugged in the network cable into the phone socket. Can’t blame them as both the sockets are similar.

3. Video file doesn’t display on my screen – Most mysterious as it doesn’t appear on the extended screen! No idea how to troubleshoot it.

4. Bad quality in VC – Boss so stingy didn’t want to apply for new ISDN lines so my reply, Err, Telekom said that they are upgrading their lines.

5. For all other inquiries, laptop suddenly reboot, Windows not working, corrupted files, PC slow, icons not appearing on where they want to be – Sorry it seems your PC is in BAD shape, we’ll have to reformat it. There’s nothing that we can do.

It’s kind of frustrating working for people who have ‘limited’ IT knowledge and are extremely demanding. Even the Chief of the company is more patience compared to them.

Thank God I no longer have any contractual obligations or bond with the company.

Good company + Bad people = see you again.

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