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Starbucks App Update Allows You To Tip Your Barista
Wednesday, 12 March 2014
Tipping is really a common practice – but how do you tip your favorite barista if you are paying your Starbucks through your mobile phone? Well, it looks like Starbucks have given everything a deep thought, and the latest Starbucks app update would enable you to do just that – tipping your favorite barista with anything from 50 cents to 2 bucks.

Of course, the virtual money would not directly go into the barista’s wallet, but surely, once you pay the tip at your favorite Starbucks joint, the tip would go into the store’s virtual tip jar. On the other hand, the Starbucks app would also save your every purchase made through your favorite Starbucks joint, and you’ll get to view the digital receipt anytime that you’d want to. If you want to tip your favorite Starbucks joint – just download the Starbucks app and ‘Shake to Pay’.

Starbucks App Update Allows You To Tip Your Barista

Rumors of Amazon Set Top Box and Music Service
Wednesday, 12 March 2014
Let’s face it – the music industry is extremely lucrative, and there are so many companies which found success when tapping into the respective field – take Netflix for instance. Well, it looks like Amazon is rumored to be working on their very own set top box and music service, although the respective service isn’t official, but rumor mongers are already spreading the news like wild fire.

And if the rumors are true, Amazon might be working on their very own music streaming service, which might cost anything from $79 to $119 per annum. Generally, Amazon’s real goal is for people to download tracks from their MP3 store. Personally, I think that the respective segment might be already quite overcrowded, and surely, Amazon’s rumors might just stay as a rumor, don’t you think?

Rumors of Amazon Set Top Box and Music Service

Print Management Software
Wednesday, 12 March 2014
The web printing industry is gigantic, as clearly, there are prospects that are searching for affordable web printing services online. And if you recognize the business potential in the web printing business, perhaps you should seriously consider venturing in to the respective field. Generally, one of the main aspects of running a web printing business is outfitting your business with a versatile Print Management Software. And if you are searching for the market leader in print management software, you should definitely contact immediately. If you require more information on the respective print management software, kindly browse to for more info.
China Allwinner Octa-core Technology
Tuesday, 25 February 2014
The smartphone and tablet arena is heating up exponentially these days, as more smartphone makers are trying to grab a large piece of piece from this market segment. And when it comes to octa-core technology, it looks like there’s yet another smartphone chipset maker that has joined the race, and it’s none other than Allwinner.

Dubbed as the Allwinner’s UltraOcta A80 silicon, the respective octa-core chipset would utilize ARM's big.LITTLE heterogeneous multi-processing design, which means that it has the capability to run on all 8-core simultaneously, which comprise of 4-low power Cortex A7 and 4 high-end Cortex A15 microprocessors. On the other hand, the chipset would also utilize Imagination Technologies 64-core PowerVR G6230 GPU that promises to deliver 2-fold increase in graphics performances.

China Allwinner Octa-core Technology

SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC/SDXC UHS-II
Wednesday, 12 February 2014
Video recorders are enhancing their pixel resolution very rapidly every year, and 4K videos would soon be the mainstream standard pretty soon. Well, if you do own a high end video recorder, Iím pretty sure you should definitely equip it with a high speed memory card that can sustain high transfer speeds, as this would ensure that you can store your data faster inside the card.

And if you are searching for the latest high speed storage card, you should definitely take a closer look at SanDiskís Extreme Pro SDHC/SDXC UHS-II, which offers an extreme write speeds of up to 250MB/s for the SDHC version, while the SDXC supports up to 280MB/s transfer speeds. There will be several storage options available, namely from 16GB to 64GB capacities, and price will range from $120 to $300.

SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC/SDXC UHS-II
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