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Water Pump
Wednesday, 12 February 2014
If your home’s internal plumbing was done in a bad way, I’m confident that you might be experiencing low water pressure inside your home. Well, ripping through your home’s internal plumbing to rectify the problem would definitely cost you a fortune, but there is a rather economical approach to address the problem, whereby you can always install a water pump in order to increase the water pressure inside your home. And if you are searching for high quality and reliable water pump, you should try shopping for one via The respective company is a leading water pump distributor, and they cater various types of water pumps in their inventory too. Visit for more info.
Samsung Sales Slows Down
Saturday, 25 January 2014
The past decade has been marvelous for Samsung, in which the company managed to pull themselves up as the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. In fact, Samsung did so well over the past couple of years, whereby they recorded positive growth on a yearly basis – up until now at least.

Although Samsung’s sales will not dwindle anytime soon, but it looks like their revenue is softening this year. According to their latest financial report, Samsung posted a net profit of $7.8 billion for this quarter, as compared to a $8.27 billion the same quarter last year. One of the possible explanations for their decrease in earnings might be caused by Apple iPhone’s entry into the China market, which thousands flocked to get one when launched.

Samsung Sales Slows Down

Taiwan Prosecutes HTC Ex-lead Designer for Fraud and Leak
Friday, 27 December 2013
Earlier today, HTC’s ex-lead designer Thomas Chien was prosecuted by the Taipei District Prosecutors Office, whereby the office has found Thomas Chien to be guilty for fraud and leak, which involved a nifty sum of NT$33,566,000 or about US$1.12 million. Apparently, Thomas has filed a whopping amount of false claims plus rebates from a supplier.

The report also indicated that Thomas had leaked the soon to be released Sense 6.0 into the public, which was against HTC’s interests. Apparently, a quarter of the US$1.12 million was found in Chien’s Audi, while another quarter was also confiscated separately from him earlier. The prosecutors have announced that most of the perpetrators have admitted their wrongdoings, while Chien has defended himself and denied some of his crimes.

Taiwan Prosecutes HTC Ex-lead Designer for Fraud and Leak

Bitcoin Exchanges Shut Down After Threat from India Central Bank
Friday, 27 December 2013
Virtual currencies are magnificent, but if left unguided, this poses as financial security risks for any financial institutions. And if you are an ardent Bitcoin fan, you should know that you ought to take the necessary financial precautions when investing into these virtual coins, as clearly, more governments are already placing more regulations on Bitcoin trading.

And just recently, the Indian central bank has just announced a warning to their Bitcoin exchange centers, whereby they have voiced their concerns over the respective electronic wallet which could lead to unregulated transactions and value fluctuations. Not to mention, unregulated virtual currencies can also be used to launder money, and finance terrorism in the process too.

Bitcoin Exchanges Shut Down After Threat from India Central Bank

Polyester Faux Burlap Table Runner
Friday, 27 December 2013
A plain dining table isn’t attractive, but surely, you can place various decorative on the table in order to enhance its overall outlook. For instance, if you take a closer look at this polyester faux burlap table runner, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that the tabletop looks good with the burlap table runner, as clearly, the accessories on top of the dining table has definitely enhance its outlook. And if you are shopping for burlap linens and home décor, you should shop for these items at The respective web store exclusively sells burlap products like table runners, napkins, drapes, tablecloths, and many more. Visit for more info.
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