DirecTV n3D Channel
Saturday, 03 July 2010

DirecTV and Panasonic have been working on the venture lately, whereby it seems that both companies have developed a 3D network called the n3D channel. Basically, the n3D channel can be considered as the first 24 hours 3D network, whereby when you are equipped with your 3DTV, as well as satellite receiver that can receive 3D streaming, I’m sure you’ll like watching 3D content the entire day.

For example, this particular TV channel will feature an exclusive coverage on the NASCAR race from Daytona, whereby you can enjoy the actions through the 3D feeds from the MLB All-Star Game.

Well if you are ready for 3D action on your TV, then perhaps you should subscribe to the DirecTV n3D channels.

DirecTV n3D Channel

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