Delkin Elite 633 Claims to be the
Monday, 02 May 2011
Everyone wants to hog the limelight when it comes to the fastest SDHC card technology. In fact, Delkin has just recently proclaimed that their Delkin Elite 633 is the fastest SDHC card in the world, whereby the respective card can achieve 95MBps in read speeds, as well as boasting 80MBps in write speeds. And when you compare the transfer rates of the Delkin Elite 633, these speeds are indeed much faster than Sony’s latest Memory Sticks.

Surely, the Delkin Elite 633 is perfect for people who shoots tremendous amount of 1080p videos. On the other hand, 3D movie makers, and photographers that snap ultra-high resolution photos would definitely want one of these SDHC cards inside their hardware. Well the 32GB Elite 633 SDHC is available for purchase for $440, which is a pretty steep price for 32GB of storage capacity, don’t you think so?

Delkin Elite 633 Claims to be the Fastest SDHC Card

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