ComScore: Android Up, RIM Down
Friday, 30 December 2011
The results are out! If you are eagerly following the smartphone war, you should probably already know that ComScore has finally unleashed the grand total for smartphone market share and the results are extremely interesting indeed. As expected, the Android operating system continues their onslaught in the smartphone war, in which the Android has yet again beat market expectations, with their market share spiraling upwards, gaining a wholesome 3.1 percent and standing in at a gigantic 46.9 percent of the entire smartphone market share.

RIM on the other hand, is the biggest losers of all, as their market share continues to slide down. Apple did modestly well, as they too gained handsomely against Microsoft and Symbian. Also, Samsung remains as the top smartphone manufacturer in the world. We’ll I’m predicting that RIM will continue on a downward spiral, while the Android will shoot upwards, and perhaps Microsoft Windows Phone 7 might just capture the corporate end-users instead?

ComScore: Android Up, RIM Down

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