Google Bouncer Service Scans the A
Sunday, 05 February 2012
As the Android operating system enjoys its tremendous acceptance in the current market, more people are hopping onto the Android bandwagon, due to the Android’s ease of use, and extremely versatility. And judging by the fact that the list of applications on the Android Market is growing exponentially, Google recognizes the security threats generated by applications that might be contaminated by malware.

Nevertheless, Google has recently disclosed their ingenious effort in combating malware. Codenamed ‘Bouncer’, this particular new program is set to scan the Android Market for malware. According to the Android’s VP of Engineering, Hiroshi Lockheimer, he mentioned that the Bouncer would periodically scan the apps for spyware, lethal components, Trojans, and even malware. And when the Bouncer finds applications that pose security risks, it will raise a red flag on the application. Basically, the service runs a simulation of the respective application using Google’s cloud-based infrastructure, which gives it the capability to detect malware.

Google Bouncer Service Scans the Android Market for Malware

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