Amazon Q2 2012 Earning Results
Saturday, 28 July 2012
Well, Q2 is fast ending, and Fortune 500 companies are already posting their earning results, and the latest one is none other than Amazon. Apparently, Amazon has announced that their net income which is down 96 percent when compared to 2011’s performances, in which they made a net profit of just $7 million for Q2 this year. Net sales however, were slightly better, in which it rose 29 percent to $12.83 billion.

Generally, this practically translate that Amazon might be selling products with a reduced profit margin, as clearly, more products were shipped out, but with lesser profit and hence, lower net income. It seems that the company’s budget-friendly Kindle Fire tab, although performed marginally in the market, is still ranked number one item across Amazon’s website. Well, just hopefully, Amazon won’t sink further down, as they will be in the reds.

Amazon Q2 2012 Earning Results

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