Alienware Area-51 Next-Gen Gaming Rig
Saturday, 30 August 2014
Alienware is definitely a formidable gaming rig maker, and when it comes to their latest high-end Area-51 gaming rig, the design of their next-gen rig is simply mind-boggling and out of this world! Genearally, Alienware’s next-generation Area-51 gaming rig would feature a total redesign in its entire concept, and the latest rig would feature a triangular/hexagonal design.

Apparently, the new design is set to make the rig cooler, whereby it will help maintain airflow inside the system, and heat distribution and release would be enhanced as well. Also, there will be handles around the two corners, which would enable you to lug your rig around. Surely, the latest rig looks nothing like their incoming Steam Machine, and I find the latest design to be simply extraordinary.

Alienware Area-51 Next-Gen Gaming Rig

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