Fallout Shelter To Hit Android This August
Sunday, 26 July 2015
I’m a huge fan of the Fallout series, and I have played all the Fallout series ever since it was released more than a decade ago. What I like about Fallout is the post apocalyptic theme that was engraved into the game, and you can even try some of the wackiest things inside the game, which allows you to modify the entire outcome of the game. And the post apocalyptic graphics are simply mind boggling.

Nevertheless, it looks like Bethesda is working hard on their upcoming Fallout 4 series which would be made available sometime at the end of this year. And to make gamers more interested into their upcoming series, they have released the Fallout Shelter iOS sometime ago. And to take things a couple of notches higher, it looks like Fallout Shelter will be made available on the Android platform, and you can start downloading it on August the 13th.

Fallout Shelter To Hit Android This August

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