Ice Traction Cleats
Wednesday, 09 September 2015
I like winter, and whenever I have a chance to visit a country, I’d choose to go when it’s winter there! In fact, one of my favorite pastime hobbies is to trek the cold icy jungle as I find such experience to be very fulfilling indeed. To be honest, you should always be well equipped when trekking the jungle during the winter, as clearly, you will definitely need proper winter gears to get through the entire trek. For instance, I always bring along my trusty old ice traction cleats with me, and these cleats help provide the necessary traction when walking on ice. Just recently, my ice traction cleat broke and I’m looking for a suitable replacement. After browsing the internet for several hours, it seems the ice traction cleats at CozyWinters are the best deal out there. For $10, I can purchase a reliable pair of ice traction cleat, while higher end ones are priced below $30, which I find to be very reasonable indeed. Well, I have already made plans to head to Canada in the upcoming winter, and I sure hope my brand new ice traction cleat would perform flawlessly in my jungle trekking sessions.
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