Basic PC Troubleshooting Skills?
Thursday, 15 March 2007

Trouble Shooting PCIt’s kind of weird – In the past, I was working as an IT Support Engineer with a huge MNC dealing in oil and gas, spanning over 80 countries. It is weird troubleshooting PC for people especially those that are not so ‘technologically savvy’.

For example I’ve received calls from people

1. My PC suddenly died or NO display! Come quick I got an urgent report to submit. When I arrived somehow someone turned the main power switch to off.

2. No network! – This is the classic. The user plugged in the network cable into the phone socket. Can’t blame them as both the sockets are similar.

3. Video file doesn’t display on my screen – Most mysterious as it doesn’t appear on the extended screen! No idea how to troubleshoot it.

4. Bad quality in VC – Boss so stingy didn’t want to apply for new ISDN lines so my reply, Err, Telekom said that they are upgrading their lines.

5. For all other inquiries, laptop suddenly reboot, Windows not working, corrupted files, PC slow, icons not appearing on where they want to be – Sorry it seems your PC is in BAD shape, we’ll have to reformat it. There’s nothing that we can do.

It’s kind of frustrating working for people who have ‘limited’ IT knowledge and are extremely demanding. Even the Chief of the company is more patience compared to them.

Thank God I no longer have any contractual obligations or bond with the company.

Good company + Bad people = see you again.

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