Upgrade Your Computers Memory
Sunday, 27 April 2008
I’m a regular computer user and I noticed that the computer’s performance increases when you have larger memory installed. For example,

1. Windows XP work smoothly with 512MB RAM but if you are a heavy gamer, 1GB RAM is recommended

2. Vista on the other hand recommends 1GB, but the real sweet spot is 2GB

I believe with today’s advancements, you could easily obtain 4GB Memory for your computer at an affordable price. One of such places where you can get memory upgrades conveniently is via MemoryDeal.net.

Also, if you are looking for 2gb Memory Upgrade, MemoryDeal.net has memory manufacturers from Micron, Samsung, Qimonda and many more. Prices range from $52.88 to $264.88 depending on the RAM’s specification.

Last but not least, MemoryDeal.net has also the latest PC3200 DDR400 SDRAM Upgradewith 184-pin configuration for desktop and servers or 200-pin for notebooks or laptops. Prices range from as low as $38.88 for 1GB and $138.88 for 2GB.

For more information on how you can purchase the right memory upgrade for your PC, do pay MemoryDeal.net a visit and view the memory upgrade options on their online store. I’m sure you’ll find what you are looking for and best of all, prices are really reasonable but most importantly, with the extra memory upgrades, your computer would perform at its optimum level.
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