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E-Cigarettes Can Give You Lung Diseases
Tuesday, 08 December 2015
Let’s face it – whenever you inhale something artificial, it’s highly likely that you’ll be inhaling something that isn’t meant for your lungs. And with all the rage with e-cigarettes these days, people are simply popping their e-cigarette smokes wherever they are, without realizing what they are inhaling into their lungs. Although cigarettes contain many harmful chemicals, similar chemicals can also be found on e-cigarette liquids.

The latest research unveiled that flavored e-cigarette liquids contain diacetyl, a flavoring chemical that can produce "popcorn lung" disease when inhaled over the long term. And most shockingly, research also found out that certain flavors had formaldehyde, which is used to preserve dead bodies. Well, the next time you pop your e-cigarette, perhaps you should do some research first prior to inhaling the smokes.

E-Cigarettes Can Give You Lung Diseases

Tuesday, 08 December 2015
Software does miraculous things these days, whereby through a software, one can create a beautiful symphony with a few simple click of a button. Just recently, my best pal bought a software called Symphobia, whereby the respective software lets the user to create an orchestra which I find to be simply mind-blowing. In fact, Symphobia comes with a whopping 33GB of sample pool sounds that one can use, and with a few simple stroke of a button, one can create a masterpiece.
Airbag Jackets
Tuesday, 15 September 2015
Riding around in your motorbike can be risky business, and of course, over the course of decades, there have been advancements in safety regulations that help enforce safety amongst motorcyclists. For instance, motorcyclists are recommended to wear a helmet when riding their bike, and wearing a protective body suit can definitely enhance safety too.

And if you are thinking of enhancing your biking’s safety, you should definitely take a closer look at airbag jackets. Previously airbag jackets rely on the bike to activate safety features, and at times, this can be a tricky feat. But surely, the company Dainese has remedied a solution on their latest airbag jacket dubbed as the D-air Misano 1000. The respective jacket would rely on a collection of sensors, GPS and other electronics that are housed in the back protector "monitor the dynamics of the rider's body 800 times a second" and deploy the airbag when they detect impact or tumbling. So how much it would cost you for getting this jacket? Try €1,499 (around $1,700).

Airbag Jackets

DIY Electric Guitar
Tuesday, 15 September 2015
Do you know that not every guitar is suitable for every type of guitarist, as there are guitarists that have fat fingers, short fingers, or even small palms? Of course, having some physical anomalies shouldn’t deter any guitar enthusiasts from picking up the skill, and if you find the standard guitar to be uncompromising, I believe DIY guitars can definitely do the trick. Generally, custom guitars can be fully customized according to the guitar player’s requirements, and personally, I’m working on a diy electric guitar for myself too. Generally, I prefer a guitar with small frets, and I like the guitar to have my custom designs incorporated too.
Netflix To Be Available In Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan
Wednesday, 09 September 2015
Well it seems Netflix is in a good mood, and the latest news that revolves around the company is that they are expanding! New report has suggested that Netflix will be made available in Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan in as early as next year. Apparently, Netflix was officially launched in Japan last month, and the company has been keeping themselves busy with their recent announcement on their expansion plans.

Generally, Netflix has not provided any specific date for the Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan regions. Pricing is also a mystery, but the company disclosed that they will be providing Ultra HD streaming in the respective countries, with big thanks to the existing broadband infrastructure available. Well, with a couple more countries added to their list, however, it looks like Netflix’s global availability by end of 2016 looks bleak at the moment.

Netflix To Be Available In Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan

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