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E-Cigarettes Can Give You Lung DiseasesPDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 08 December 2015
Let’s face it – whenever you inhale something artificial, it’s highly likely that you’ll be inhaling something that isn’t meant for your lungs. And with all the rage with e-cigarettes these days, people are simply popping their e-cigarette smokes wherever they are, without realizing what they are inhaling into their lungs. Although cigarettes contain many harmful chemicals, similar chemicals can also be found on e-cigarette liquids.

The latest research unveiled that flavored e-cigarette liquids contain diacetyl, a flavoring chemical that can produce "popcorn lung" disease when inhaled over the long term. And most shockingly, research also found out that certain flavors had formaldehyde, which is used to preserve dead bodies. Well, the next time you pop your e-cigarette, perhaps you should do some research first prior to inhaling the smokes.

E-Cigarettes Can Give You Lung Diseases