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Stop Your Whine and Proceed with LPDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 30 April 2008
Have you ever had a major setback stop you in your tracks? Well, you're not by yourself. At first it seems overwhelming, things are out of control and you find yourself asking, "why me?" Guess what? It's not only you. We all experience setbacks, some more than others, during our lifetime. For me, it was a sudden unexpected event. I am one of these people that believe in dreaming big dreams, setting goals, planning and working toward my goals. I felt like all my ducks were in a row. Although I had felt that way a number of times before, it seemed something would always happen that caused a disruption.

Yeah that's it! It's all cyclical. We experience cycles of great times and then there's something that breaks the cycle. Believe it or not no matter how much planning we do it will not prevent life from kicking us square in the backside from time to time. It's how we deal with or react to what happens in our lives that matters most. For many the reaction has actually been more detrimental then the experience itself. Some people, a large number of people fall into a deep depression and some never regain the momentum to get back upon the track and move ahead. Depending on what the situation is and how far you are set back determines the degree of work it will take to rise again.
Stylish Flip FlopsPDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 30 April 2008
Are you looking for flip flops meant for casual wear as well as for sports? One thing for sure, wearing flip flops are simply comfortable and that I could wear it anywhere – every for long distance walking.

If you are looking for stylish flip flops that you can also wear for sports, then you should definitely visit I just love their casual flip flops as I think it’s ideal for my style.

Interested? Visit today!

Employees Cannot Be An Employer?PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 28 April 2008
I finally realized why 95% of the population works for the top 5% upper community.

Employees Not Ready For Business

Here is one of the little-known or over-looked reasons Network Marketers fail in today’s era. With an estimated 150,000 new members joining this global industry every week, most are employees with no real sales, marketing, and business knowledge. They bring to the table their employee habits and experience. So they seek security, guarantees, and “microwave” solutions. Since most receive pay checks, and are not accustomed to earning performance based commission, they lack the self-motivation to go the extra mile. Top Income Earners don’t believe that the majority will invest in real-world the business and marketing education needed for Network Marketing. So, they pass down simple marketing tactics and tools to keep average members optimistic, and in the pipeline. Business is business -- money is money.
Expand Your Laptops Memory for BePDF Print E-mail
Monday, 28 April 2008
Here’s a rule of thumb when using Microsoft operating systems:

1. Windows XP – minimum 512MB of RAM for marginal performance, 1GB for smooth performance

2. Vista – minimum 1GB for marginal performance, 2GB for smooth performance

I can testify that having larger memory in your computer does increase its optimum performance. One of the best place to get a laptop memory upgrade is via All you need to do is to let the site check what sort of memory compatible to your computer and you can purchase the memory upgrade from their site.

More info? Visit
Things You'll Need to be Aware OffPDF Print E-mail
Monday, 28 April 2008
Every nine to twelve months new mlm companies go into pre-launch, adding to the reasons Network Marketers fail. They promise better comp plans, products or services, technology, and training. These “ground floor opportunities” open doors for starry-eyed Networkers to succeed from the top. There is nothing wrong with members moving on, however, their downlines are influenced to follow. Heavy Hitters making the same career move causes much larger devastation. Remaining members suffer major consequences. Their downlines dwindle, and so does their commissions!

Large Overhead: Little Return

“Lack Of Funds” have killed many dreams. Although a Network Marking business cost very little to join, there are still monthly fees and marketing expenses associated with maintaining business. It costs an average of $200 to $600 to get started, $100 to $300 per month to maintain, and $100 to $300 per month for an Ad Budget (optional but necessary). These figures may seem fair, however, it is often difficult for members to balance expenses if they aren’t quickly breaking even at $500 per month. They loose more than they earn so they drop out in within 3 months.
Affordable Linksys RouterPDF Print E-mail
Monday, 28 April 2008
Looking for a place where you can shop for cheap computer hardware which is value to your money? Well the only place which I can think of is is a huge online retailer dealing with thousands of products which you can purchase off their online store. For example, if you are looking for a Linksys router, there are simply so many Linksys router solutions being sold on their website. Best of all, you’ll be aided with information on the product itself so you can make the best purchasing decisions.

More info? Visit

Old School Marketing Don't Work NoPDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 27 April 2008


Sales Professionals, and people with influence were more successful using “Old School” marketing methods such as: The 3 foot rule, hotel & home meetings, contact lists, cold calling, etc. These top 5% percent were able to grasp these concepts and succeed producing sizable organizations, while the rest failed miserably.

Nevertheless, people with no real foundation in sales, marketing, and business were still encouraged to duplicate what they learned. As a result, their downlines suffered. Network Marketing promotes the idea that anyone can succeed by simply sharing products and/or services with their “friends & family.”

This can only be accomplished with strong communication skills, influence, and a laser focus on targeting similar individuals. Although the training is re-shaping for the 21st Century, most will still be taught to re-produce old school techniques that don’t work for the majority.

Upgrade Your Computers MemoryPDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 27 April 2008
I’m a regular computer user and I noticed that the computer’s performance increases when you have larger memory installed. For example,

1. Windows XP work smoothly with 512MB RAM but if you are a heavy gamer, 1GB RAM is recommended

2. Vista on the other hand recommends 1GB, but the real sweet spot is 2GB

I believe with today’s advancements, you could easily obtain 4GB Memory for your computer at an affordable price. One of such places where you can get memory upgrades conveniently is via

Also, if you are looking for 2gb Memory Upgrade, has memory manufacturers from Micron, Samsung, Qimonda and many more. Prices range from $52.88 to $264.88 depending on the RAM’s specification.

Last but not least, has also the latest PC3200 DDR400 SDRAM Upgradewith 184-pin configuration for desktop and servers or 200-pin for notebooks or laptops. Prices range from as low as $38.88 for 1GB and $138.88 for 2GB.

For more information on how you can purchase the right memory upgrade for your PC, do pay a visit and view the memory upgrade options on their online store. I’m sure you’ll find what you are looking for and best of all, prices are really reasonable but most importantly, with the extra memory upgrades, your computer would perform at its optimum level.
Adsense Blogging TipsPDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 23 April 2008
When I first made a “real website” by buying my own domain (Blogging the Internet), I started to tinker with various content management programs to build my site, and later learned that blogging is the easiest way. Now I’m sticking to it.

But at first I was one of the million newbie webmasters who are lured to the “get rich quick” paranoia” that abound in the internet and also tried my best looking for internet programs that will take me to that paranoia. I was utilizing various pre-hosted sites (my favorite is Freehostia in doing the test-and-try website building trying to find my own niche on the cyberspace and the same time hoping that I will earn somehow through it.

I joined pay per click programs (PPC) where you click banner and text ads and then pay you cents and worse joined a High-Yield Investment Program (HYIP) and was cheated. I lost a couple of dollars joining the site and I swear to myself that I will not join one again.

My frustration is getting worse when I also joined affiliate programs such as Commission Junction, Linkshare and SFI and expected to earn but to avail. These site as good in their own way but my skills in affiliate marketing is very poor and my highest earnings was about $20.40 from CJ when I used my own affiliate link to purchase my own domain.

I share some dilemma with people who say that “internet income is just a false dream”.

I am not a risk-taker especially on the internet. The last thing that I will want myself is to be a victim of internet fraud and loss my hard-earned money and like most cybercitizens I want money and if possible free from the internet.

Then I meet the leader of contextual advertising – AdSense.

AdSense program is 100% free and I have applied to it the moment I wonder why most sites I have visit has that ads powered by AdSense. I applied four times, three times rejected and finally allowed to post ads to my sites using their script code. It took me quite awhile to be able to put AdSense ads in my site considering that I am still learning how to make a site and my knowledge about PHP and HTML is limited.

Since I decided to focus on having a blog, I tried to invest an ad placement on my blog placement, having that trial and error process on making a good and professional looking blog and took a longer time finding a suitable Adsense Friendly template (I’m using Wordpress).

Adsense, like any other contextual advertising program uses your blog content and keywords to place related and suitable ads on your site in a way not to confuse your readers of what is your site all about and irritated for placing blatant advertising banners. The ads put by Adsense have a better chance to be click and earn money from it.

Though Adsense doesn’t allow you to select what ads will appear in your site, you can still exclude ads from your direct competitors (sites that have the same topic or products that you have).

How Adsense know what Ads are to place in your site?

Google uses bots (Google bots), an engine that regularly visits your pages and read your site content, keywords, structure and formatting of pages, language you use and tell Adsense to display ads related to what it sees. The bot also tells AdSense what IP address you use (your location) to display related ads near your region.
Abs of SteelPDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 23 April 2008
I’ve been trying to do sit-ups everyday to loose the extra pounds on my stomach. I notice that the stomach area is one of the hardest areas to loose fat – you can’t put strenuous exercise on it, you also can’t drink alcohol and worse of all, you also can’t drink too much water as it would over-hydrate your skin and that you’ll look even fatter!

For those who are looking for a safe and reliable beverly hills liposuction solution, take a look at what Rodeo Drive has to offer. Best of all, you’ll receive first class treatment at the establishment and most importantly, you can be sure that they will deliver the highest quality work to you!

Also, Rodeo Drive is a renown Beverly Hills plastic surgery center and that they have so many clientele these days, you can be sure that you are in safe hands. After all, when I envy the most about Hollywood stars is that they manage to project the ever radiant glow whenever they are on screen or on TV. Wouldn’t you like to look like them? I might add that Rodeo Drive is also a celebrity plastic surgery center.

If you are unsure whether plastic surgery is right for you, I would definitely recommend you to get in touch with the person who is responsible for Rodeo Drive and know the risks that are involved. Furthermore, I’m sure that you’ll get plenty of information on the procedures that you might opt for.

Last but not least, video testimonials are definitely the hard core evidence to help you boost your self confidence on plastic surgery. Head on to Rodeo Drive’s website and click on the video files to view these video testimonials.

For more information, visit the links that I have provided above – I’m sure that you wouldn’t be disappointed with what you will see.

Viral Marketing?PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 23 April 2008
The most popular and famous example of viral marketing was Hotmail. By placing a link at the bottom of their emails for anybody else to get their program created an overnight phenomenon. Day after day, there were thousands of more people signing up for Hotmail accounts. I don’t know what the count is these days but it’s in the millions. And the rights to Hotmail was sold for millions of dollars.

Recently, I visited a blog by a very good blogger named Jay. Jay was saying on his site, that he didn’t use viral link cloakers and was also explaining why he didn’t use them. Some of his reasoning was that, with many viral link cloakers they have a portion of the program that does build a list inside the site for you. Jay was stating that that sort of list that is inside a viral cloaking site isn’t really targeted at all. And you know what? He’s right! He’s right because many of the people that may be in your downline may not be in your niche at all. These people signed up through your reference to the site perhaps, but, I’m sure many of them did it for their own reasons of building their business, but they might be in the “no smoking” niche for all we know. Why would they want to receive emails from another guy that would perhaps be in the “food” niche etc.

I replied to Jay’s post because I knew that the method I’m using viral link cloaking for is entirely different. I told Jay that, for one, I have never emailed my downline in a viral link cloaking and tracking site. The reason I use viral link cloakers is because it gets my ads shown on hundreds of other sites. When my ads are clicked they are interested in the headline of my ad, then taken to a squeeze page of one of my free reports and then people opt-in to my real list! Jay agreed, stating that, yes, I can see if you use them that way it would benefit you. And it does! I enjoy new signups for my list everyday because of this method.

Most readers of my blog know I’m a huge advocate for Viral Spiral. Heck, I must be, I liked the program so much I jumped at the chance to work for Tim Brocklehurst. Not only did I love the system he created, but it also meant I could learn a thing or two from one of the people I considered a heavy influence on me. I’m actually learning a lot from him without even asking much of the time. So it worked out real great!
Big Not Necessarily BetterPDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 23 April 2008
Referring to the title, I’m referring to the human body. Over the years, our fashion sense has evolved into such a complexity that we no longer think that big is always better. And as for medical reasons, especially for women, having bigger breasts would only mean one thing – you’ll have so many various health complications when you age older. Bigger breasts also mean that it’s heavier and with heavier breasts, you’ll be prone to hunch pretty badly in your senior years.

For those who are looking for beverly hills breast reduction program which has proven track records and most importantly safe, you should take a look at what Rodeo Drive has to offer.

Led by legendary medical director, Lloyd M. Krieger, you can be sure to have any body enhancements to be one of the highest qualities in the Los Angeles area.

Also you can also seek Rodeo Drive for beverly hills liposuction to help you loose fat in your abdomen area in no time. Why do you think Hollywood stars look simply stunning whenever they are on of off TV? The answer is simple! Majority of them underwent some form of facial or bodily enhancements!

Last but not least, I’m sure that there are so many mothers out there who went through so many child labor. I’m sure that you’ll definitely long for the body size that you manage to maintain before child birth. If you want to get back your old looks, I’m sure you’ll find your answers on Rodeo Drive’s Mommy Makeover program. You can see amazing shots and that Rodeo Drive managed to enhance so many others via their program.

For more information on how you can reap the benefits of having better and nicer looks, visit the links that I have provided you above – I’m sure that you’ll find your answers there.

Why Start an Ecommerce Business?PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 23 April 2008
Easy Entry

If you’re considering coming online, but know nothing about eCommerce and can’t afford to lose any money, Fennell shares several tips to help alleviate the stress in your transition into online sales:

• Consider starting out with a storefront on a reputable selling venue, such as Yahoo! or eBay. They’re easy to set up, even without a proficiency in coding. You can easily get started selling without hiring a web designer, programmer, or SEO consultant – much more easily than with an independent web site.

• Drop shipping is an ideal product sourcing model when you begin retailing online. Whenever your customers place their orders with you, you turn around and place those orders with your drop ship supplier. Your supplier then sends those products from their warehouse directly to your customers’ homes. You only pay your drop shipper when your customers pay you, so you don’t have to invest money you don’t have into inventory that might not sell.

• You may not have a great deal of money to spend on search engine optimization, but you can still do well in the natural rankings if you concentrate on giving the search engines what they really want: original, quality content. New E-Biz owners often make the mistake of posting the template product descriptions their suppliers provide. But if a hundred sellers use the same product description, the search engines will see a hundred identical listings and only bring back one of those stores in the results. That’s why each of your products needs its own unique copy. Even if you have hundreds of products, you can work on a set number a day until you’ve written a fresh, unique description for every item.

• While you wait for your SEO efforts to pay off, you may have to invest in some Pay Per Click ads to bring customers into your store. Fennell recommends advertising on a shopping search engine, rather than a traditional search engine. Typically, the cost is lower, and the conversion is higher. Your Google ad may bring in ten times more clicks per day than your ad on a shopping search engine, but you’re going to see about the same number of sales resulting from those clicks. And with the shopping engine, you’re only paying for one-tenth of the clicks.

Walking the Walk

Opening an E-Biz isn’t a magic bullet, or a quick fix for all your financial woes, but it is a low-risk, low-investment opportunity for anyone willing to do the work. The key is to set realistic goals and take practical steps to make them happen. As Fennell points out, “It takes consistency and it takes time, but it can be done. If someone is prepared to study, to apply the things they learn, and – most of all – to stick to it, they can build an online business and be very successful with it.”
How to Look Like a Hollywood Star?PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 23 April 2008
You might not know the entire story until they told you about it – I’m talking about beautiful people from Hollywood. Most of the time, these Hollywood stars simply look stunning and captivating and best of all, no matter which angle the photo was snapped – you’ll get the best of them, always.

Well their secret is not that secret anymore. Majority of these celebrities have gone through facial enhancement, either big or small, to help them attain the so called natural glow on their face.

One thing for sure, having bigger breasts would definitely increase for feminism and sexiness. If you are seeking for such a procedure, then I would recommend you to take a look at what breast augmentation in Beverly Hills by Rodeo Drive has to offer.

Led by Lloyd M. Krieger with his state of the art plastic surgery centers, I’m sure that you’ll be amazed by what they could offer you. Furthermore, their work is guaranteed and that you’ll be satisfied with the outcome.

Well for starters, you can read their testimonials section to help you roughly understand what the patients went through and their initial reactions for the various procedures that they have opt for.

But one thing for sure, what makes Rodeo Drive special is that you’ll have the option for plastic surgery financing. This means that you can pay a monthly installment to Rodeo Drive for the plastic surgery that you have opt for, which also practically means that anyone have the option to enhance their entire outlook.

Last but not least, I’m sure that for those who were trying pretty hard to loose fat in the abdomen area, you’ll be pleased that Rodeo Drive does offer beverly hills tummy tuck. This quick and easy procedure would definitely help you get the tummy that you want.

For more information, visit Rodeo Drive today!

Fruitful thoughts...PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 23 April 2008
Picture this. You have a successful online store. Things are going well - all the money you have spent on online advertising has paid off - and both traffic and conversions are up. Your repeat traffic is steadily improving, and your email newsletter is performing well too - driving traffic to your promotions and key products or services.

You can sit back, relax and count the cash, right?

Wrong. Without knowing how your customers reached the point of conversion you don't know whether they are cursing their way to the checkout or just click-click-clicking their way to the credit card field. Furthermore, you don't know whether you are successfully exposing your customers to other products or services that they would have picked up on in that transaction.

Usability is understanding customer flow - the cognitive processes that each user goes through to select where to look, where to click - and when to give up and go and make a cup of tea. You can use tried and true guiding principles to help you design your website - but when your site is live, how can you tell what those users are up to? Website analytics.

Now, some of you may be following all of this, and some may be way ahead already - and that's really the divide that's out there - but if you aren't monitoring user flow and conversion within your site you aren't doing your job.

Imagine if customers couldn't navigate a physical shop - you'd soon spot where they were getting lost and try to arrange things so that they could naturally navigate through and find what they were looking for... Similarly if you built displays to expose them to key products, you would notice when they were performing poorly.
Nose-Lift or Rhinoplasty?PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 23 April 2008
Since I was a teenager long ago, I have established that to have a beautiful face, you’ll definitely need a sharp pointy nose. Most of the attractive people in the society have this attribute and I grew fondness towards them. Even my girlfriend has a very sharp and pointy nose!

For those who want to enhance their total appearance or outlook, there is a quick way where you can attain your goal – via Beverly Hills rhinoplasty. Head by renowned plastic surgeon, Lloyd M. Krieger, Rodeo Drive strives to deliver the best results for you.

In fact, what I would recommend you to do now is to head on to their website and read testimonials on how Rodeo Drive helped to enhance people’s lives via their simple plastic surgery procedures – you can watch their video via their website and I’m sure you’ll be amazed by the video testimonials.

Furthermore, I believe that having tight abs might be one of the hardest things to achieve – this is where you can opt for los angeles liposuction from Rodeo Drive. Best of all, this procedure is not limited to females only – but for men who loves drinking and dislike exercising, this might be the only way out to help you get the abs of steel. Why do you think Hollywood movie stars look so good every time they appear on TV or in a movie?

Last but not least, if you are looking to increase your feminism, check out this beverly hills breast augmentation program. My personal thoughts – I’ve seen the before and after photo shots and I’m really impressed by how they managed to improve this area of the body so drastically. I’m sure you’ll gain much more confidence with extra feminism.

For more info, visit the links provided above and check out what Rodeo Drive has to offer! Cheers!

Crazy Clip to Teach You How To SavPDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 April 2008
Ever wonder how you can save the world? But I’m already wondering what is there to save? Everything that we have are in abundance and that what we consume still remains in this world – it’s just that is has changed form.

For example, the metal cans that we use for our soda – although we throw it away everyday, we just bury it in our landfills. So if you want real treasures, check out the landfills – there is a hidden potential there. Best of all, it’s also one of the best sources of methane gas.

So how do you save the planet?

Innovative Cosmetic Surgery CenterPDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 April 2008
Are you a big fan of Nip/Tuck TV series – I know I am and I love the work that they do. Although some might regard this as simply too vain, I on the other hand believes that you could look so much better with a little enhancement to your outlook.

In fact, if you are living in California and are looking for the best california cosmetic surgeon, think no more as Rodeo Drive is here to serve you! Rodeo Drive is really revolutionary as the services they bring you are top in its class and you can be sure of the quality of their work.

If you don’t believe me, then head on to their website and browse through various success stories and real life testimonials given by actual people who have undergone various plastic surgery procedures in Rodeo Drive. You’ll be amaze that their life has totally changed for the better after the cosmetic surgery. Best of all, Rodeo Drive has video testimonials – so that you can watch real living people talking to you telling you their life stories.

One of the most notable procedures in Rodeo Drive is their Beverly Hills breast augmentation program. I’m sure that a lot of women out there want to project a certain level of feminism – just look at what they can do for you! The before and after shots is a real good testimony of what kind of life you could lead in the future.

For more information on Rodeo Drive’s cosmetic surgery travel, simply head on to their website to check out for more info. After all, this medical institution is professionally led by Lloyd M. Krieger who has so many years of experience and expertise in this field. I’m sure that you wouldn’t be disappointed at all. Check out the links that I have provided earlier today!

Best WoW PVP Class?PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 April 2008
You might be wondering what class is the best class to play in WoW? To be frank with you, each class has its own strengths and weaknesses – so there’s no best class at all.

It also depends on your level of enjoyment while playing the class – no point you complain and shout vulgar words whenever you toon failed to do something or get killed by other toons.

Here’s a Shadow Priest rocking the WoW world.

Who Is The Best Cosmetic Surgeon iPDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 April 2008
Ever wonder who the best cosmetic surgeon in town? I believe that every year, there are hundred of thousands of people who went for cosmetic surgery – either for valid medical reasons or to simply enhance their entire outlook. This is also the sole reason why this is a multi-billion dollars industry.

So in fact, if you are living in California, I’m sure that you might be wondering who the best cosmetic surgeon in your area is. I can’t say that Rodeo Drive is the best, but I’m a 100% sure that you would be amazed with the quality that they are able to give you – which would be well worth the money that you have invested. After all, it’s your well-being and happiness that matters most.

In fact, if you are looking for the best los angeles breast implants, you can head on to Rodeo Drive’s website and see before and after shots of actual people and how the breasts enhancement has totally uplift their entire outlook. I can say that the work they Rodeo Drive has produced made that person look much more attractive.

On the other hand, Rodeo Drive also specializes on los angeles tummy tuck. It’s really hard to loose fat in the abdomen area as it’s one of the areas that could easily accumulate fat over time. With Rodeo Drive’s tummy tuck, you’ll get leaner and better looking abdomen area and that you won’t have to worry about your pants not fitting you anymore!

If you want more personal testimonial from actual real life people who underwent various plastic surgery procedures from Rodeo Drive, simply head on to their website and watch their video testimonials. See how their lives have totally changed and that they are rather more attractive than before.

For more information, visit the links that I have provided above.

WoW Gold TipsPDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 April 2008
1. During your quest in the burning crusade or in the world of Azeroth, mining, skinning and grinding helps. You can start selling items/equipments/ores that you get during these processes in the AH at a higher rate.

2. When you have got a good amount of ores into your account, you should be able to smelt them and sell in heaps of 20 or 30. Players who are power leveling their characters would definitely be in need of loads of smelted ores and would want to buy them in heaps.

3. Find out the guilds available on your server. Contact them when you decide to sell the items that you have mined so far. The groups or the guilds would be ready to buy the mined items from you.

4. Use the “Gatherer” add-on to find out the nodes where you had taken ores during your previous spawn. Precious metals would have refilled a few ore nodes during your next visit to your old ore nodes.

Silver can refill Tin nodes.

Gold can refill Iron nodes.

True silver can refill Mithril nodes.

5. To get more Mithril, which would assist you to skill up in finding the thorium nodes, just spawn the mountains in the Badlands. The northern side is devoid of Mithril nodes but the outer ring contains a handful of Mithril nodes.

6. You can get thorium ores in Un’goro Crater and Burning Steppes. Gets lots of them and try selling them at the AH. It sells very well there.

7. Gloom’rel is your tutor who can teach you to smelt dark iron at the black forge. But you need 230-skill level to get his assistance. Once you get his assistance, he would teach you how to smelt 8 dark iron pieces into an iron bar that fetches you a good amount of gold when sold at the AH.

8. Jewel crafting is another hot cake which can fetch you heaps of gold if you have a good amount of ores in your account. Players who need the gems and are not into jewel crafting would be ready to buy them from you.

9. You can also sell your excess Mithril and Bloodstone ore in groups of 4 to other players at the AH.

10. Know how to smelt Elementium. Elementium is used rarely for certain epics and hence if you know the tactic, you would be in great demand in WoW.crafting lump sum gold in WoW.

Attractiveness Gives You AdvantagePDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 April 2008
It’s a sad truth that beauty is something what the 21st century people look and thus indirectly gives someone an edge over others. On the other hand, there are many ways to enhance your entire outlook to look more attractive. Nevertheless, one definitive way is via plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery exists since the ancient times during the era of the glorious Egyptians. A couple of thousand years later, we still practice this form of art to attain the ever elusive ‘beauty’.

If you are looking for one of the best plastic surgeons in California, you should definitely see what Rodeo Drive has to offer. This revolutionary plastic surgery center is led by Lloyd M. Krieger who is a medical professional that practices a very high standard of professionalism in his work. If you take a look at their ‘before and after’ shots found on their website, you’ll be amazed with what Rodeo Drive can do!

One of their main plastic surgery programs is the Beverly Hills breast augmentation. You can see that the breast area is properly enhanced with the right size and proportion – where I’m sure you’ll definitely look more attractive that what you were previously.

Also, Rodeo Drive excels in tummy tuck in Beverly Hills whereby I believe this procedure is ideal for people who wants to attain beautiful and lean abdomen area. For those who exercise frequently, you might notice that the abdomen area is one of the hardest areas to loose fat. Now with a simple tummy tuck program by Rodeo Drive, you should be able to attain the body that you have dreamt of! Why do you think TV stars look so attractive on TV?

For more information on Rodeo Drive and the quality of their work, you can head on to their website and read personal testimonials from real living people on how Rodeo Drive has helped to enhance their lives.
Would You Like to Work From Home?PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 April 2008
Working from home seems like a dream that everyone wishes for, but you can make this dream come true. Working from home might seem much like a scam, but in actual fact, there are companies who are willing to hire people to work from their homes. There are so many job opportunities for you to choose from. From taking online surveys to doing data entry work, just like a normal clerk doing his/her daily job in office. But the difference is, you can get to do this by working at home and you can have your own tea break or maybe even a nap on your comfortable bed.

It is true that there are many scam sites out there wanting to con you. But you can prevent that from happening. All you need to do is to do a little research and you can be safe from those scams.

Reaping in a hundred and fifty dollars a day can be achieved. But it requires tremendous amount of hard work and research. Imagine having yourself signed up to 15 survey companies out there, and they each have 5 daily surveys for you with a payout rate of 2 dollars per survey. All you have to do is to complete all 75 surveys and you can reach the 150-dollars-a-day target. It may sound simple, but having to do 75 surveys really takes up a lot of your time. But after all, you still get to work from home. And with such a tempting amount of income, who can resist it?

There are other ways to earn 150 dollars per day. You can take up data entry job, reading emails, writing articles or maybe you can venture into online marketing for those who are willing to try. All of these jobs require you to just sit down in front of your computer and start working from home.

If you are willing to work hard, you might even earn more than 150 dollars a day. It all depends on your willingness to learn and the amount of hard work you put in. Remember, there is no free lunch in this world. Some might think that working from home sounds tough, but let me tell you that if you manage to pull through from all the hard work, everything that you do after the hardship, would be as easy as memorizing the alphabets ABC.

How To Be More Attractive?PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 April 2008
Some regard going under the knife for the sake of beauty is taboo – but not many realized that it’s a procedure that could enhance your life. Furthermore, if you look at the television everyday, you might be wondering how those TV stars look so stunning all the time – the truth is that majority of them went for plastic surgery! It’s just that they wanted to keep their beauty secrets for themselves, if not you would have known the truth long ago.

For women, one of the most noticeable parts of their body which reflects feminism is their breasts. Men have long established that having larger or more attractive breasts are rather more attractive. However, not everyone is born with breasts of perfect shape and sizes – and this is where you can opt for Rodeo Drive’s los angeles breast augmentation.

I’ve seen ‘before and after’ photo shots of their work and I can say that I’m pretty amaze with their work. They could uplift a person’s entire outlook to simply look radiant and stunning!

Also, I’m sure that majority of the public would desire a nose that they always dream off – something really pointy. Rodeo Drive also provides rhinoplasty in their plastic surgery center and you can be sure of the quality of their work.

This beverly hills plastic surgery center is led by Lloyd M. Krieger as their medical director – you can be sure that you will be totally satisfied with their work.

Best of all, you can view video testimonials of people who have underwent plastic surgery in Rodeo Drive – just listen to what they have to say and how their lives have totally changed after the procedure that they opt for.

For more information, visit Rodeo Drive’s websites that I have listed above – And always remember, you deserve the best!

Raise Money and Start Your Own OnlPDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 April 2008
Step 1: Where is My Money Going Now?

The simplest and best way of making money is to reduce your costs. But you may already only be buying what you need! So, we are going to reduce our costs WITHOUT sacrificing the goods/services that we need. But first, what ARE our costs?

Exercise: Take out last month's bank statement and credit card bills. Itemize each of your major costs. Your list may look something like this:

* Mortgage on house or cost of renting
* Car payments
* Health Insurance
* Car Insurance
* Homeowners Insurance
* Groceries
* Fast food/lunches out at work
* Telephone/Internet/Cable
* Gas

These are just a few. It can be frightening to see just how much money you are spending to keep a roof over your head!

So now that we know WHERE our money is going, let's take action to divert more of it away from other people's pockets and into our own. We will do that via…

Step 2: Competitive Bidding--Who wants my business?

It is simply astonishing how almost every company utilizes competitive bidding, and yet how few households do! For every item we listed up there, there are dozens, hundreds, or thousands of different companies who would love to have you as their customer!

Let's make them compete against each other, shall we?

Exercise: Find your policies for Health, Auto and Home Insurance. Find exactly what your coverages are, and your premiums. THEN, go online to a competitive bidding website, fill out your information, and request quotes from dozens of bidders! I personally use LowerMyBills and E-Health Insurance (links are provided in the resource box below). Representatives from these companies will be scrambling all over each other to provide you with their most competitive quotes, especially if you…

Tip: TELL THEM that other companies are bidding for your business! No one wants the competition to get a customer, so they will cut their margins as much as they can!
Tip: Create URGENCY by telling them that you are only accepting bids until X date, at which point you will choose the most inexpensive offer that meets your needs!

You will be astonished at how much this will reduce your monthly costs. This is a service that I perform for clients, in exchange for a % of whatever I save them, and believe me that is a pretty penny. But you don't need me to do it for you, you can do this yourself!

Savings: (will obviously vary from person to person, this is what I tend to see on average)
Savings on health insurance: $200 per month
Savings on car insurance: $100 per month
Savings on home insurance: $75 per month
First-month savings on insurance: $375
Ongoing monthly savings: $375/month

Wow! That's a nice chunk of change right there towards your business. And your actual results may be much higher or much lower, but chances are that right now, unless you bid out your insurance annually, your provider is probably treating you like a 200-pound 4th-grader taking your lunch money.

Step 3: I Can Pay Less, to Save MORE?!?

Have you been reading the news about the economy? In an effort to turn around the recession, the FED has been slashing through interest rates with speed and vigor usually seen only in Japanese Samurai movies.

Take out that mortgage bill, and see what rate you are paying. 7%? 6%?

We'll use an average mortgage amount of $200,000, and assume your current interest rate is 7% at a 30 year fixed loan. Ergo, your payment is $1,330.60 per month.

Do you have any idea JUST HOW MUCH money you can save by refinancing now at a lower rate?

With the Fed rate cuts, loans at 5% are easily available. Just that 2% drop in interest will lower your payment on the SAME LOAN to $1,073.64…saving you $237 per month!!
Let's add that in…
1st-Month Savings on Refinancing at lower rate: $237
Ongoing monthly savings: $237/month

And you can roll in your closing costs to the loan, so you don't pay anything up front, and STILL be saving this much (a few thousand over a 30-year loan just knocks off about $20 per month from your savings, which is already factored in above).

Best Acne TreatmentPDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 April 2008
It’s really complicated for some when it comes to the subject of acne. Usually teenagers with higher amount of hormones are more prone to have acnes on their face than fully grown adults.

If you are looking for a great product that would help you in easing your acne problems, you should definitely try out what has to offer. Best of all, the acne products that they are offering comes with a discount and a free review on its effectiveness.

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Best WoW PVP PlayersPDF Print E-mail
Monday, 21 April 2008
One of the most interesting aspects in WoW is that you can use your WoW skills against other players – either the horde of the ally. Other than blindly grinding everyday for XP or gold, thank god that the game developers enables you to hit, slap and kill other players.

I’m a level 70 rogue with full gladiator set and have other epic armor as well – I’m hoping to pitch my skills on Arena next.

I found a video on best WoW PVP players. Enjoy!

Best WoW PVP PlayersPDF Print E-mail
Monday, 21 April 2008
One of the most interesting aspects in WoW is that you can use your WoW skills against other players – either the horde of the ally. Other than blindly grinding everyday for XP or gold, thank god that the game developers enables you to hit, slap and kill other players.

I’m a level 70 rogue with full gladiator set and have other epic armor as well – I’m hoping to pitch my skills on Arena next.

I found a video on best WoW PVP players. Enjoy!

Refreshing Your Image with a LittlPDF Print E-mail
Monday, 21 April 2008
It’s inevitable that our face and image change over time and somehow it’s also unfortunate for women that they might experience a skin condition which does not provide that much elasticity as it was when they were in their teens or in the pre-30s. Also, women who have gave birth might also notice that they have amassed a huge amount of fat as the result of consuming nutritional food for the sake of better health for the baby.

These days, you might be amazed with our technology – it has advanced so much that you could practically get anything done with minimal costs. Take a look at the plastic surgery industry for example, they have gone so advanced that plastic surgeons have the skills to enhance practically any parts of your body.

For example, if you take a look at Rodeo Drive’s beverly hills liposculpture services – it’s designed to help you sculpt a better looking body shape. And best of all, it’s also available for men! Men have a very bad habit of consuming lots of food and also have the unhealthy habit of drinking liquor which practically alters their body shape from fit to fat. Worse of all, there are certain areas which are simply too hard to loose fat – in the belly in the breast area. Thus this is where Rodeo Drive’s beverly hills liposculpture services come in!

For women on the other hand, breasts remain as a statement of feminism – our culture has developed a mindset that having bigger breasts would also increase your feminism. In fact, if you feel that you would love to enhance your breasts, you should take a look at beverly hills breast augmentation. There are pictures showing ‘before and after’ if you click on the link – you’ll be amazed by how well Rodeo Drive’s breast augmentation would uplift your image as a whole.

Last but not least, Rodeo Drive strives to provide you with a great image and even nip/tuck moves to Rodeo Drive.

For more info, visit Rodeo Drive’s websites today! Cheers!

Being Nosy is Better then Being IgPDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 19 April 2008
I noticed that there are too many kinds of people in this world. But I also believe that being nosy is much better as compared to being ignorant.

You might notice that some of your friends are simply too nosy, and that they poke their nose around wanting to know everything in this world.

Bright side: They are smart and know a hellotta things.

Down side: Poking their nose into too many things creates annoyance.

Those being ignorant:

Bright side: Don’t know anything

Down side: Don’t know anything also.

So which side would you choose?

Pamper Yourself with Some Good PatPDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 19 April 2008
Everyone loves a good looking outdoor décor for their home. I love a nice swimming pool which comes with good looking patio furniture as well. It’s always worth your money when you invest a little bit more money in your outdoor furniture.

In fact, has some really nice range of outdoor patio furniture. If you take a look at their online catalog – you’ll be amazed with these furniture as it could uplift your home’s atmosphere into an elegant, fun and relaxing one.

Need some good patio furniture? Visit today!

Dont BUY ALL the Bullshit Being SPDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 17 April 2008
Rule of thumb number #1 when running your own business: Never to believe 100% of the entire bullshit that the salesman was trying to sell to you.

I was in a business meeting lately conducted by 2 business partners. It was some sort of an informal meeting where we could discuss on the possibilities of collaborating together.

They were venturing into the lucrative online advertising industry – but what turned me down was that I realized that one of the ‘so-called company director’ who was trying to sell us their solutions was simply bullshitting his way in order to get things done.

Rule of thumb number #2: People know you are full of bullshit when you try to sell too many bullshits at one time.

Improve Your Homes Image by ChandePDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 17 April 2008
I’ve seen and evaluated so many homes in the past that I know if you have chandeliers in your living or dining room – it would definitely increase the elegance ratings to another notch.

However, you’ll need to determine what kind of chandeliers you want for your home – is it a classic type or with a modern touch?

If you can’t make up your mind, has an online catalog with pictures that would help you make up your mind. They even have a chandeliers buying guide to assist you in your decisions.

Interested in purchasing chandeliers? Visit today!

Beating Around the BushPDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 April 2008
I noticed that there are simply so many kinds of people out there. Generally, you can categorize it into:

1. Analyser – loves to analyze data and sometimes have problems expressing themselves. Prone to system hangs whereby they couldn’t come out with a favorable output after analyzing

2. Promoter – loves parties and has no worries in life. Loves to spend money and mixing around with people

3. Controller – the ‘boss’ type. Wants to control everything

4. Supporter – has no opinion and only supports the stronger one such as a controller

So which are you?

Quality CAT6 Cables for Your NetwoPDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 April 2008
You need quality CAT6 cables in order to achieve optimum network performance. Usually this is indirectly linked to work performance as well – the faster your network, more work could be accomplished during working hours.

However, you need to shop around for the best CAT6 cables – and if you are looking for a huge online retailer where you could get cables at a bargained price, you should definitely look at what has to offer.

They offer so many networking solutions and it’s really convenient to shop online. For more information, visit

War in Iraq? IMOPDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 April 2008
In my opinion (IMO), this war shouldn’t have taken place. After the war in Afghanistan, they should have just celebrated their victory and move on with their lives.

With so many things working against US policies – I don’t think anyone with the right mind would give a damn about Bush administration’s policies now.

I saw a documentary interviewing a military representative about US’s futuristic war machines. I just couldn’t believe it that the person said that if you don’t look eye to eye with US’s policies, US would force you to change yours. This is the kind of mentality which would get you shot on the streets…

Get me?

Cheap Promotional Products for SalPDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 April 2008
Every now and then, you definitely need to run a promotional campaign to build the right branding for your company. There are simply so many ways to help promote your business – you can send out flyers, coupons, IT products, umbrellas and many more.

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They specialize in promotional products such as USB flash drives, MP3 players, tech gadgets, digital frames and many more – all which is really idea to be used as a promotional product for your company.

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Cheap CruisesPDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 April 2008
I love ship cruises – it’s fun and you get to meet people from all over the world in a single area which is in the ship itself. For those who have the same interest as me – you should definitely see what has to offer.

You can find so many hot deals on their site, all which comes with an attractive price. As the matter of fact, it is also one of the cheapest cruise vacation packages that you can find online.

For example, you should look at this royal caribbean cruise which is simply enticing. Want cheap cruises? Visit today!

Technolgy Site Vacuum-Gauge.comPDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 12 April 2008
This is a really ideal technology site at

I bought this domain sometime ago and recently developed it. It has a long history dating more than ten years back. I hope that the GoogleBot would love it as much as I do.

Hopefully it would have a speedy indexing into Google.

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Happiness Leads to WealthPDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 10 April 2008
I saw on TV show about this Feng Shui master giving tips on how to be wealthy and lead a happy life. Here are some tips I got from the show:

1. Be happy – happiness attracts wealth and subsequently if you are doing a business, it would attract more business deals

2. If you are seeking to get more girlfriends, use pink theme in your room

3. If you want even more girlfriends or if one of your family member isn’t seeing as many girls as he should, change his curtains to flowery ones

I would mention more in my next article.

Find the Best Deal in!PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 10 April 2008
I love purchasing things which comes with a great deal. If you have the same interest as me, you should definitely head on to and browse through their best buy catalog.

At first glance, you would find deals on 2GB digital card which is selling for only $10, Acer Aspire selling for only $249, Gateway laptops for as low as $539, Canon printer for $86 and many more!

For the best bargain, head on to and find fantastic deals – I’m sure that you wouldn’t be disappointed.


For December 2008 Wish List, I WisPDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 08 April 2008
Like what I wrote in the title, I would love the war to end on 2008. Think of this:

1. The US dollar took a huge dip against major currencies in the world

2. US is harboring hate amongst various country in the world

3. More and more terrorist are targeting US as their prime target

4. Worse of all, lives are being lost in a war which is not progressing well

This is what Donald Trump has to say about the war:

Buying RAM at a Bargained PricePDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 08 April 2008
I am a regular computer user and I know when a computer is performing at its expected level of performance or below par. One way for sure to increase your computer’s performance is to increase the memory size or rather the RAM.

In fact if you are trying to check Ram Memory Prices for various kinds of PC, you should definitely visit You can expect to find RAM made from various manufacturers such as Hynix, Samsung, Micron and many more.

I’m sure that you would be satisfied with the Computer Memory Prices displayed on their site. For example, their 2GB Memory Upgrade is available for as low as $68 with Micron chipset.

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More Donald Trump VideosPDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 08 April 2008
I love this man! – He’s straight forward and a no-nonsense person. I love his show, The Apprentice’ and I love the business empire that he built.

We all know that the on-going war in Iraq is pretty degrading and that there are so many lives lost in that forsaken country alone. And I might add 1 more point which I got from the Donald himself and that is there are countless of people who were maimed and lost their hands or feet or limbs as the result of war casualty, which was not accounted in the lives lost in Iraq.

I want the war to stop and America is not realizing that they are harnessing hate amongst the world.

Please stop the war President Bush!

Free Credit ReportPDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 08 April 2008
Thinking of applying for a loan such as

1. Home Loan

2. Car Loan

3. Personal Loan

4. Credit Card Application

5. And many more…

You are not alone as there are in fact so many other people out there who have several loans which they took in order to aid their overall financial situation. It seems these days, we can’t seem to avoid taking a loan – for example, should we get married, we would need to purchase a house for our family but most of us don’t have a lump sum of cash lying around which is readily available at all times.

In fact, when you apply for a loan, it is crucial that you know your credit rating.


Low or Bad Credit Rating – Your loan would most probably be rejected by the bank or any financial institutions

Good or Excellent Credit Rating – Your loan would be easily approved

I believe that most of you are new to the term credit rating. Thus if you want to expand your understanding on this subject you should definitely visit Best of all, you can request for a free credit report by clicking on ‘Order Now’ found on their main page. And for a limited time only, you will also get a 30 days free trial for weekly credit updates.

But what interest me is that this site gave me so many information on personal credit guide and also other free information which touch on credit score, credit repair, credit tips, identity theft, fraud and many more. It’s ideal for people who started their life new and would want to plan years ahead of their life.

I’m sure that you would be satisfied with the free credit report currently being offered by Visit their site today and request your free copy today! Cheers!

Bush Evaluated as a CEO?PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 07 April 2008
I concur that the war is a major disaster and it would only get worst if Bush was to deny his wrongdoings. If you watch video clips on YouTube, you can see that the entire country is a war zone!

People are living in fear in the country and you can’t even deliver cement to build a police station safely to its located without heavily armed guards! And to top that, American soldiers are driving hap-hazardly banging other people’s private car for fear of a RPG attack.

So what Donald Trump has to say about Bush? Let’s watch:

Watch Live TV ShowsPDF Print E-mail
Monday, 07 April 2008
There are simply so many people who got fame from live tv shows which they uploaded into YouTube. One fine example is Colby Caillet who was originally a singer who uploaded her work online.

I just found out an exciting and interesting site where you can watch live show directly off their site. Best of all, you will find yourself 15 minutes of fame through their site as it would be featured from time to time.

Best of all, these live broadcast shows are available easily on their website. Just visit and click on a video that you want to watch. Simple isn’t it?

Visit today!
Finally I found a talent worth plaPDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 06 April 2008
The past few months have been pretty annoying – especially when I play my rogue in WoW. All I get is dying in the battle field where I don’t have enough power to kill other players in the game!

I thought that the Combat class was world-class and it was invincible – but I was dead wrong. Combat class can’t even take on a Warrior class straight on even though they specialize in combat.

Subtlety is much better and you can wreak havoc for clothies… Furthermore I notice that with extra armor penetration, I get more damage when I launch a Sinister Strike as compared to a Combat rogue.

Hehehehehe I’m so happy… :)

eeeheheheheheehehheheheheehh guahahahahahaah hohohohohoo…

Cheap Auto InsurancePDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 06 April 2008
Do you happen to have subscribed to an auto insurance which is currently being a huge burden to you financially? I’m sure that there are a lot of others in the same shoe as you.

If you are looking for auto insurance which are available at competitive prices, I would definitely recommend you to do a search on Just pick the type of insurance that you are looking for and fill in your particulars and you will get a free quote! In fact, there are so many other insurance available – such as home insurance, life insurance, health insurance and many more.

For more info, visit

WoW Warrior Kicking AssPDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 05 April 2008
Being a rogue in WoW – I hate these guys, warriors that is. They are so hard to kill as they hide themselves under thick sheets of armor plating with bountiful of resilience rating on them.

The annoying this is that they could easily stomp the ground and stun you and worse of all, it attracts so many other flies to you and kill you instantly.

Don’t believe me? Look at his hacking abilities – 1k min to 3k crits.. Jeezzz

Consolidating Your Debt to Lower YPDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 05 April 2008
I grew accustomed to debts in my life whereby when we get older, we strap ourselves with multiple debts to our waist. Think of this – you earn an average pay per month but you have so many obligations such as your family, your future car and a comfortable home where you future kids could stay in. You can’t afford everything now as you have a huge financial constraint. As the end result, you take up a home loan, car loan and even a personal loan to help you get the things that you want – Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

I’m sure that there are so many people out there who are in the same shoes as me. But it’s not the end of the world yet. I believe that for those people who have multiple debts, it’s a really smart way to proceed with debt consolidation to ease things out.

Here are some benefits that I would like to highlight when you consolidate your debts:

1. You lower you interest rates considerable and you have extra cash every month

2. You only need to pay a single loan rather then going around paying multiple loans obtained from various lending agencies

3. With the extra cash in hand, you will have higher purchasing power as compared to previously

Sounds ideal doesn’t it?

For those who are considering of consolidating your debts, you should definitely visit for more information. Best of all, you can request for a free loan quote via their website. All you need to do is to fill up the online application form found on their site and a qualified financial consultant would get in touch with you. After all, should you feel that the debt consolidation exercise doesn’t appeal you, there’s no obligation to take up the offer.

For more information, visit

What Kind of Online Business You cPDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 05 April 2008
I believe that there are so many people out there who think that they can make money online – but don’t know how.

Well generally here are some places which you can make money from:

1. Online advertising – paid postings, links, etc..

2. Ecommerce store or selling something online on eBay

3. Write a book

So which industry do you think fits perfectly to your business style?

Career in the Pharmacy Tech IndustPDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 05 April 2008
Do you like medicine but don’t have the opportunity or rather the financial might for your school fees? I believe that there are so many people out there who want to be a doctor, but not everyone are lucky enough. If you, I would definitely recommend you to go into the pharmacy tech industry.

If you desire more information on pharmacy technician, I would recommend you to pay a visit to as they provide comprehensive detail on their site. You can find information such as pharmacy technician salary and many more on their website.

For more information, visit today!

WoW Rogues Cant Kill ShitPDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 03 April 2008
Pardon my language but I have been playing the rogue class in WoW for quite sometime now. I believe it has been close to a year now and reaching level 70 has totally change everything in the gameplay.

Rogues are cool and there have been talks that they make loads of DPS. But then again, when it comes to the battleground or rather BG, the only people you can kill are clothies or rather Warlocks or Mages!

As the title says, you can’t kill shit! For example,

1. Warriors have tons of armor and your attacks can’t really penetrate it. They will rip you apart even if you manage to reduce their HP to half

2. Druids can turn into bear form and they will also rip you apart!

3. Pallys would heal even before you could make a hit – they will stun you and finish you

I’m feeling pretty shitty now that I know rogues are full of shit…

Enlarge Your ManhoodPDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 03 April 2008
Want a safe and comfortable way to enlarge your penis without having to go through gruesome operation whereby they will put you under the knife on top of the operating table?

Fear not as now you can seek this special penis enlargement solution from I find their product really special as all you need to do is to wear the device on your penis which would also stay in place comfortable.

Furthermore, it’s really safe to use this penis enlargement device and you can get excellent support from their forum.

Also, they are featuring cost effective penis enlargement pills which you can purchase from to speed up the process.

When it comes to your manhood – it’s worth it. Cheers!

Top Ten Games for 2008PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 01 April 2008
Every now and then, I would love to feature some most anticipated games for 2008. Gaming is my favorite past time – have been and would always be in the future.

I’ve been gaming since I was 6 years old and I love every moment out of it.

Not to mention, I have 6 PCs at my home…

Enjoy this video on top 10 games:

Go on a Holiday to Chill Your SoulPDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 01 April 2008
Life is pretty hectic and I’m sure that once in a while, you’ll need to take a break to help you rejuvenate what was left with your life. Every now and then I feel that we are living somebody else’s life as we dedicate most of our time working and doing something for someone else.

For those who are looking for one of the best vacation packages, I’m sure that you’ll be interested in trying out these new Branson rentals. There have several vacation packages available and best of all, you can customize it according to your needs.

When was the last time you were on vacation?

Unimaginable Things Do HappenPDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 01 April 2008
I was thinking about something that I learned in the past – that miracles do happen!

Over the years, I was able to distinguish several types of people out there and sometimes it made me fuming made that most of these people are plain negative. Their souls are dedicated to negativity and they live their entire life in such a state.

For example,

1. They don’t make enough money – can’t you be bold enough to try out new things to help you make more money?

2. Relationship in turmoil – either end it or seek help and stop whining!

3. Their life sucks – man you need to chill out and like I say, try out new things…

Use TV Mounts for Your TVPDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 01 April 2008
You’ll be amazed at how many places you can place you TV – think of some unimaginable location and you can mount your TV there. The secret is by using quality tv mount which would help you mount your TV anywhere!

For those who are looking for quality TV mount products and with excellent designs, you should definitely visit and browse through their tv mount catalog. There are so many designs for you to choose from – tables mounts, ceiling mounts, wall mounts and many more.