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1 TeraByte (TB) Hard Drives Hit thPDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 29 March 2007
1 TB DrivesHitachi unveiled the first 1TB hard drive into the market. That’s a whooping one thousand billion byte of data! Comparing this drive to my PC, that’s 10 times the size of my current storage capacity. Sources stated that the drive would be released into the market on the first quarter of 2007 with capacity from 750GB to 1TB.

Well higher storage is needed especially when the Internet is speeding ahead, becoming faster and faster everyday. I used to download movies and anime bit torrent style and this takes loads of space. Given the choice, I’d strap 4x1TB drives on my PC and save every damn thing off the Internet.

It would never be enough, trust me!
Hot PC Games Released Into the MarPDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 29 March 2007

GameSpotHands itching? Having sleepless nights? Just feel like chopping something up with your battle axe imbued with 4 elements or your unique battle bow that can do gazillion tons of damage? Yes my friend, you and I are the same species – Game Addicts!

Usually I pay GameSpot a visit to look for interesting games. Unfortunately, there aren’t any :P Here’s a list on their latest game list.

1. C&C 3 Tiberium Wars – 9.0
2. The Elder Scroll 4: Shivering Isles
3. Resistance: Fall of Man – 8.6
4. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl – 8.5
5. Super Paper Mario
6. God of War II – 9.2
7. Devil May Cry 4
8. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – 9.6
9. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition – 8.1
10. The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion – 9.5

Frankly speaking, I’m not really a fan of C&C. Don’t get me wrong, I did play countless of hours when the game was launched some 10 years ago. It was a super hit in Cyber Cafes in my area. Everyone was playing that game and trying to outdo each other. Can you imagine little boys who are still in their early and mid teens gambling with each other where the loser will pay the bill?

I’m not really a big fan of Elder Scroll either. I did play the earlier version and it’s pretty much of a hack-and-slash game – which fits brilliantly for my gaming style. But the game graphics just didn’t appeal to me and the storyline is darn long which makes me feel kinda bored.

One game that looks promising enough I think should be God of War II – should have been renamed ‘Warlord’ (if you watch a movie ‘Lord of War’ starring Nicholas Cage you would know what I mean :D).. It looks pretty much the same as Gladiator, with you wielding a kick-ass sword or battle axe killing everything that ‘was’ in your path. The graphics look amazing. Take a look at Gamespot’s God of War II image gallery.

Well Grand Theft Auto looks fun, but I’ve already completed it some time ago. Not bad for a game which brings you to another level of realism where it is ‘OKAY’ to knock people out silly for walking on the sidewalk. Carjacking, bank robbery, shooting people with your sub-machine guns, and crashing the helicopter into the park, you don’t get these in your daily lives right? Again – It’s OKAY to run people down the sidewalk – in GTA that is.

I’m pretty much looking forward for games that look like Fallout and Titan Quest – anything that involves a great storyline and hack-and-slash. If they would come out with a game like Freelancer or Privateer that’ll be my big hit as well – I always dream of becoming a starship captain and a space merchant.

Till then, cheers!

Fly For Fun +7 Leaf SwordPDF Print E-mail
Friday, 23 March 2007
FlyForFun +7 Leaf SwordI’m currently hooked on Fly For Fun It’s really FUN! Although I’m not playing it 24x7, but I try to play it whenever there is some time to spare.

What made things more interesting was I found a rare +7 Leaf Sword. Some one offered me 500K for the sword but I decline. I will only sell then my level is higher and I have no more use for the sword. I can always sell it later right?

Reaching level 15 took some time as I didn’t put my heart and soul in the game. But with the +7 Leaf Sword everything seems easier. Monsters died faster and leveling up were not a pain in the ass. I wonder how much greens (actual money) I can get if I auction my sword in sweatshops?

Another thing I enjoyed is of course the community in the game. Some are ass wipes while most of the community is generally friendly – so I made a few friends online. Now is time for me to choose what class I want to play.

Should I play a Mercenary? – usual hack and slash, Knights and Blade
Assist? – the priest or healers, Billposter and RingMaster
Magician? – fireball throwers, Psykeeper and Elementer
Or Acrobat? – the long range player (archers), Jester and Ranger

I’m thinking of becoming a Merc. I always like a nice hack and slash. I’m bored of throwing fireballs – I was a Magician in RYL and Ragnarok Online while a Merchant that shoots in ROSE Online.

Wish me luck. Anyone wants to buy my +7 sword? I’m open for bidding :)
Reviewing Some Samsung Phones E370PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 21 March 2007

I love Samsung. In fact I currently own 2 Samsung for quite some time now. The first I got was a C100 – I won it from Burger King scratch and win! The second phone is a E350 and I am still using it now. The C100 was a lousy phone – but it’s free anyway, so what the heck. The E350 is many times better and I love using it. It’s so small, it can fit any pocket and the battery life is reasonable – It can last 3 days on one full charge.

I’m thinking of doing some window shopping to see what hot Samsung phones are in the market. I don’t like clamshells – I think it’s pretty inconvenient to use one as you need to use both of your hands to open it. But I love candy bar and slider style. At the moment, I don’t find any reasonably looking candy bar style phones from Samsung but there is a couple of small slider that looks perfect. Here are a few worth mentioning:

Samsung E370E370

Display – 65K
Dimension – 86x43.1x20.4
Memory – 40MB internal
Data – EDGE, Bluetooth, USB
Camera – 1.3MP

Similar to E350, the E370 is black and has a couple of other color. It has all the functions of the E350 and even has the same memory size of 40MB. They should have added a card slot into the E370 to make the memory size bigger – you can’t store much with 40MB (trust me). Additional features on the E370 include EDGE support and Bluetooth as well. Having Bluetooth increases your transfer rate many times compared to the infrared in the E350. Other than the features mention, there’s nothing much. It’s the same size as the E350 and same weight as well.

{mosgoogle left}
From my personal experience, if I have the money, I would still stick to the E350 as there’s not much difference with the E370. But for new buyers, you might want to get something that has a card slot as I love to listen to MP3 on my mobile. 40MB is just not enough!


The D900 has been around in the market for quite sometime now. It’s worth mentioning because it’s one of the best Samsung D series phone. Although it might be a little bigger and bulkier, the features packed in this phone are quite fantastic.

D900Display – 256K
Dimension – 103.5x51x12.9
Memory – 60MB internal, microSD
Data – EDGE, Bluetooth, USB
Camera – 3.15MP 2048x1536

Very impressive for this little device especially it has a 3 megapixels camera. But one thing I don’t like is this thing is HUGE and fat for a slider. I love the amount of memory packed inside and I can save quite a number of MP3 inside.


The i310 is not available everywhere. Here are some specs:

Display – 65K
Dimension – 111.9x48.5x19.8
Speaker – dual
Memory – 64MB internal, microSD, 8GB microdrive
Data – EDGE, Bluetooth, USB
OS – Windows Mobile 5
Camera – 2MP 1600x1200

i310One thing I notice instantly is that this phone is HUGE! I don’t think I will be comfortable carrying this device around in my pockets. But huge device comes with huge memory! Look at the 8GB microdrive, that’s mammoth memory. Another thing is it has dual speakers and a good camera.

Conclusion – I won’t buy any of these phones even though I have the money. I’d still wait for the Apple iPhone and maybe if rumors are true, I would consider the Google Phone as well.






Making Video Calls? Some Random RaPDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 20 March 2007
Creative WebcamMy dad asked me to buy a web cam for the family PC. He wanted to talk to my sister in UK as well as saving costs when talking to my mom. You see he is actually working overseas at the moment. He even paid me to get the web cam!

I think the Internet has surely evolved in my country. Long gone are the days where we used to have the trusty and sometimes not that trusty 56K modem. It’s all a blazing 1Mbps now. I was thinking how do you really chat with the other person? What software?

Then I remembered that you can always use MSN! Yeah MSN will auto detect the web cam on your PC and you can connect both to chat. Although the quality might not be superior, but reasonable enough to make out what the other person is talking and doing.

My mom is pestering me day and night to buy the web cam. I’ll get it soon enough, maybe on the weekend. Any idea what web cam or brand that I should get?

Google Getting Smart with Google PPDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Google PhoneWell there’s that Apple iPhone and now even Google wants to join the smart phone race! Don’t know how reliable are the sources but there’s a rumour that Google is producing their own smart phone and it look damn nice!

Some said that the Google Phone is a collaboration between Google and Samsung. I think the features are pretty similar to the Apple’s iPhone. The only difference is the display or the viewable area is close to 90% of the entire phone! I’ve not seen anything that has such a huge display. Just one word – I want to OWN it!

Just look at the picture. That’s a huge display! Well rumor is still rumor unless Google officially states that they will be really launching their smart phone. And there’s also a rumor that Google will be producing their Google Operating System for the phone as well.

Hmm.. so many rumors but no confirmation. Anyone really believes that Google will be coming up with their smart phone? Any reliable or insiders sources? If it’s true, I want to see how it would perform against the Apple iPhone!


Overclocking 101PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 20 March 2007

I have not been over-clocking my pc for quite sometime now – Did it in the past with my AMD Athlon processor. I was thinking of briefly sharing my experience in over-clocking an ‘old PC’.

What I did:

OverclockingGot a Gigabyte motherboard that supports AMD Athlon processors. Gigabyte at that time provides an easy way to set your own processor speed through the BIOS – Simple as that! However, there are many batch of processors produced at that time and you’ll need to pick the right one. Some of these processors are 1.8 GHz but are designed for up to 2800++, just that the manufacturer ‘lock’ the processor to a certain speed – this has got to do with their factory efficiency in producing microprocessor.

Unlike the classic pencil or carbon trick in the past, you don’t need to use it anymore. Simply apply a good thermal compound on the processor’s ‘die’ and apply it evenly. A good silver thermal compound is good. Place the processor into the socket and secure it by lowering the lever. Then make sure you get yourself a ‘bad ass’ heat sink fan! Copper is a good at conducting heat and usually these heat sink fans are made out of copper these days.

Of course there’s a fair percentage of chance that your processor will get fried along the way. Mine lasted close to 2 years and then gave up. But the performance that I got was fantastic!


Graphics Card Performance ComparisPDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 20 March 2007
Panther ProductsIf you are looking for a graphics card just like me, you might want to check out on their performance before you make the purchase. For instance, I love to look at how many pixels that it can churn out as part of my evaluation. Although it might not reflect the overall performance of the graphics card, I just love numbers.

You can actually visit this website – and its graphics card comparison chart by clicking here. There you can see a basic evaluation from GeForce 2 to GeForce 7 series together with Radeon X series.

For example, the graphics comparison chart shows up to GeForce 7950 GTX2 which is a dual core card. This babe can actually churn out 16 billion pixels per second – that’s huge! Compared to the 6800 XT that I’m planning to buy, the 6800 XT can only produce around 2.4 billion pixels per second and that’s roughly 8 times slower.

Hmm… I’m already drooling all over these graphics card performance spec sheets. I’ll get a high end machine if I have the dough.

Hope you enjoy this! Cheers! - Download Some SoftPDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 20 March 2007
Looking for some ‘underground’ software? (You know what I mean right?)

Searching high and low for a software that you couldn’t get your hands on?

PhazeDDLI usually do my search on this site called – Until now I still don’t have a clue on what DDL stands for. You can actually search for plenty of software that you can’t get your hands on. However, not everything might be stored on their server. Many times the site have redirected me to another site to get the specified file and there’s a high percentage that you might not even get the file!

If I’m not mistaken, PhazeDDL is collaborating with a few other sites to bring these ‘software’ for you. Something like,, and thing like that.

Finally, *psst* don’t let anyone know that I told you this secret. *It’s between you and me*

Fly For Fun Free Online Game by GPPDF Print E-mail
Monday, 19 March 2007

Overall Game Rating – 3.8/5 Close to Being Recommended!

Fly For FunFinally a game that is close to worth playing for a while. Yes, as stated on the title – it’s Fly For Fun! Although it might be a little kiddy like or ‘childish’ for ‘matured’ gamers in US, but heck it’s a fun game means it’s a FUN game! I love the graphics although I’m using a pretty old system and what more can I say? I’m just using a GeForce 2 and the game runs brilliantly.

A quick glance you will notice that this game is released by GPotato – another good work from them apart from Rappelz. But one thing crossed my mind, are all online games currently operated by GPotato suffer from one common problem? – Lag?

Game Download – 3/5
Although they did not host the server to download the game, there’s actually a plentiful of websites that you can use to download the game. I chose FilePlanet as I’ve already registered a free account and the downloader is already installed in my PC. It took me 4 hours to get the 500MB file into my hardisk. But I got to praise GPotato’s update server for prompt update on their game file. I just spent 45 minutes to update the game unlike A3 which took me a couple of hours.

For this they score high on the game update part but they need to buck up the file downloading process. So it’s still bearable.


Game Play – 4/5
I would say that this game is pretty similar to Ragnarok Online. Given the choice, I would even name it Ragnarok Online 2 – 3D style. The attacking modes are pretty similar. Just point your cursor to the monster and the character will auto attack. Another game that is pretty close to Fly For Fun is of course ROSE Online. The graphics has a uncanny similarity.

Leveling up is pretty easy. You can even hit level 20 in a single day. But one most important factor spoiled the entire game itself – Lag. Yes you got that right, compared to Rappelz their lag is not that serious. But you might imagine that attacking a monster might take a little time. I’ve died numerous times just because of lag – I couldn’t observe how much life I had and pressing the potion button seemed not working! Well it seems better on weekdays and the worst on weekends!

For the character development and skills system, it’s pretty limited. You can only add a handful of skills each time your character levels up. I’ll be happier if they have something similar to Ragnarok Online’s skill system!

One thing that I like about the game is that you can actually FLY! You'll need to take a flying test though! You can either use the broom, a hover board and one more which I forgot.

I’d love to give them 5/5 provided if they would create a lesser ‘lag’ environment and have a better skill system – ADD MORE BANDWIDTH AND COPY RAGNAROK ONLINE!

Game Engine – 4/5
Although it’s a pretty simple game, the graphics are not too bad. It’s acceptable and much better compared to the strip down version of Rappelz. Furthermore it didn’t give any pressure to my old graphics card and I can play the game nicely. The environment is well designed and the sound system is marvelous. So no complain here!

Hands itchy? Addicted to online game? Then you might want to give Fly For Fun a try by clicking their link here:

In the mean time, enjoy some screenshots I took in game. There's a couple of YouTube videos at the bottom as well. Enjoy while I get myself addicted to this game!

Online Shop

Shopping for some items on other people's shop (click to enlarge)

The Town Area

The town and the community - npcs to buy equips (click to enlarge)

Buying items from vendor or npc

Drooling over some new weapons in the npc shop (click to enlarge)

Getting out of town

Getting out of town to hunt some monsters. Some one is flying! (click to enlarge)

Hunting some monsters

Eat this monster! SmallPukePuke? Sounds funny (click to enlarge)

Stupid joker

Some stupid joker monster. Die you! (click to enlarge)

Eat this!

Monster eating my blow. Was it nice? (click to enlarge)

A couple of YouTube movie you should definitely see:
My dream PC, a kick ass PC!PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 19 March 2007

Speaking of my dream PC, I’m pretty motivated to talk about the PC that I would like to purchase and use! PC has been and always been part of my life. Don’t know what I would do if I don’t have a PC or even the Internet connection!

Alienware PCOk here’s the spec of my dream PC. I don’t know whether the mobo can really support what I want as there are too many choices in the market. So here goes:

1. Processor: AMD Athlon AM2 X2 5000+ - $220
2. Cooler Master for AMD AM2 - $30
3. Asus SLI mobo - $125
4. 2GB Kingston - $200
5. 500GB SATA2 Seagate - $190
6. Creative SB 5.1 - $20
7. 768MB Asus GeForce 8800 GTX - $710
8. LiteOn DVDRW SATA - $40
9. 17 inch Samsung - $170
10. Cooler Master Casing - $100
11. Keyboard - $10
12. Mouse - $10
13. Edifier 3 piece speaker system - $100

Total: $1925

That’s pretty heavy on my money. Don’t think that it will be realistic enough to own such a system. This might last up to 3 years and obsolete. That’ll be an investment of $600 a year and $50 a month. Though $50 might not be a large sum, but the total amount paid would kill me!

I might be able to reduce some costs if I choose a lousier graphics card, maybe GeForce 7 something. But that’s all.

Dear Santa, here is my wish list for 2007! Thank you!

PS: A kick ASS and insane 8800 GTX graphics card:

8800 GTX 

Getting Some Parts for My Aging PCPDF Print E-mail
Monday, 19 March 2007

GeForce 6800 XTI’m seriously thinking of getting parts for my current PC. My current one can do basic stuff but when playing games it kinda sucks. I’m currently using:

AMD Athlon 1.8 GHz
512 MB SD PC133 RAM
15 inch tube monitor
Sound Blaster
32MB GeForce 2 and 128MB GeForce 4 Ti

I can play normal basic games – those that don’t demand much out of your PC. I’m thinking of investing some money in the graphics card. 1.8 GHz will still be able to manage some games. I’m thinking of buying a 128MB GeForce 6800 XT (extreme edition, shown on picture). Though nothing fantastic, it beats the GeForce 2 graphics card more or less. If I’m not mistaken, the 6800 XT can handle 2.4 billion pixels per second – that’s pretty reasonable. Not top of the line it only costs around $60 for a new card. I’m not going for heavy graphics like a GeForce 8800 GT coupled together using SLI that is capable of churning out 20 to 30 billion pixels per second. That’s a pretty high end graphics card and it will blow my pocket for 2 years!

Here’s what I want to do in sequence:

{mosgoogle left}
1. 128MB GeForce 6800 XT - $60
2. 2X 512MB (1GB) SD PC133 RAM - $55x2 = $110
3. 17 inch LCD Samsung monitor - $150
4. I might need a larger power supply, at least 400-500 watt - $30
(just in case for the graphics card as it has high to huge power consumption)

Total: $350

I would definitely need the basic 6800 XT graphics card for more recent games. Mine doesn’t really bring out the realism and the look and feel of the game. I’d Samsung 17 inchget a 17 inch LCD monitor as I’m using a 15 inch tube – it’s frying my eyes everyday with radiation. 1GB of RAM would ensure that this system would last for at least 2-3 years. And as for the power supply, graphics card nowadays do really consume very high power. I’ve fried 2 power supply unit in the past because of the GeForce 4 Ti and that’s just technology of the past, what about newer graphics card?

Anyone wanna chip in to my funds? :D Help me get some parts! At least $60! Thanks!





  - Listen to freePDF Print E-mail
Monday, 19 March 2007

Radio Blog ClubI think there’s plenty of websites out in the Internet where you can actually listen to free music online. For example you can listen to Yahoo Radio or even Yahoo Music as well. So what if they don’t have your favorite music in store?

You can actually listen to RadioBlogClub! They have a huge range of free music online. Don’t know whether they are legal or not, but heck you can listen to these music for free right?

You can listen to the latest My Chemical Romance, Avril Lavigne, Justin Timberlake, American Rejects and more! My Chemical Romance is one of my favorite and they even have the whole album!

Previously you can listen to music without registering but lately they just want you to do a simple registration and login each time you want to listen to an album.

Here’s a tip for you: If you are using Internet Explorer, sometimes the file is saved in the Temporary Internet Folder. You can find the MP3 file there. Just save it into your hardrive but be very careful with RIAA! These file although small, it’s good for listening from your cell phone.

Hope you enjoy your music! Cheers and have a nice day!


A3 Review - Sort of Free Online GaPDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 17 March 2007

A3Overall Game Rating – 2/5 Not recommended

Stupid me! I played A3 1 or was it 2 years ago! I went to MMORPG to look for more free online games and I saw A3 on the list. I didn’t recall as this game sucks – big time.. At least it didn’t suit my taste – very sorry to those who are fans of A3.

Game Download – 1.5/5
Game download was slow! I’m running on a DSL line and is capable of downloading stuff at top speed of 100-110kpbs depending on both end of the servers. The file was only 300MB and it took me 5 hours just to download it. I only got between 5-20kbps. Furthermore, updating the game through their update launcher took another 4 hours. I can say that their server is darn slow. You’ll need to buck up! Get more bandwidth or something.

Game Play – 2/5
Well it was interesting looking at the skills and weapon choices and upgrade options on their website. I bet that their game engine is quite good. However, graphics wise is not that ‘enticing’ to me. Even ROSE Online which is a little ‘childish’ or kidlike anime style looks much better compared to A3. Anyway you don’t need a super computer to run this game. You’ll just need

1. Pentium III or Celeron 600MHz
2. Min GeForce2

That’s pretty low for a ‘so-so’ graphics game. They didn’t score waayyy low like 1/5 because they were saved by the skills, weapon choices and not that fantastic but the clothes are ok. I would love to give it 3/5 but then again, their bandwidth is limited and has a little lag. For example, you use your mouse pointer to move your character and it will have 1-2 seconds delay.

I didn’t stayed long in A3 – the lag has made me not want to continue playing the game. It doesn’t projects ‘oneness’ and 'feel' between the player and the game. It does not have anything interesting that made me continue playing the game. There wasn’t many people even playing the game! Well another online game shelved into the dusty bin.

Enough said, take a look at some screenshots of the game itself:

Login here

The login screen looks impressive with an animated creature greeting you! (click to enlarge)

Select your character

Create and select your character - DotMySpot. (click to enlarge)

In game characters

This is how the people look like - medieval style. (click to enlarge)

More people

Other characters in the game. (click to enlarge)

Want to give it a try? Here’s the link – 
Basic PC Troubleshooting Skills?PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 15 March 2007

Trouble Shooting PCIt’s kind of weird – In the past, I was working as an IT Support Engineer with a huge MNC dealing in oil and gas, spanning over 80 countries. It is weird troubleshooting PC for people especially those that are not so ‘technologically savvy’.

For example I’ve received calls from people

1. My PC suddenly died or NO display! Come quick I got an urgent report to submit. When I arrived somehow someone turned the main power switch to off.

2. No network! – This is the classic. The user plugged in the network cable into the phone socket. Can’t blame them as both the sockets are similar.

3. Video file doesn’t display on my screen – Most mysterious as it doesn’t appear on the extended screen! No idea how to troubleshoot it.

4. Bad quality in VC – Boss so stingy didn’t want to apply for new ISDN lines so my reply, Err, Telekom said that they are upgrading their lines.

5. For all other inquiries, laptop suddenly reboot, Windows not working, corrupted files, PC slow, icons not appearing on where they want to be – Sorry it seems your PC is in BAD shape, we’ll have to reformat it. There’s nothing that we can do.

It’s kind of frustrating working for people who have ‘limited’ IT knowledge and are extremely demanding. Even the Chief of the company is more patience compared to them.

Thank God I no longer have any contractual obligations or bond with the company.

Good company + Bad people = see you again.

PC Hardware for extreme gaming - APDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 15 March 2007
Alien Ware Aurora ALX

Alienware is quite new in the PC market. I’m not even aware of its existence in the 90s but of late I salute their marketing strategy, promoting themselves from a ‘nobody’ to become one of the top choices in gaming hardware.

Some might ask me, why do I want to spend a fortune on a PC? I just need one to do spreadsheet, some word documents and browsing the Internet – You are right! You can even do these chores using a Pentium II PC. But for hardcore gamers who demands top quality gaming – they want the best.

Laggy PC tends to get your character killed. A high spec PC will most likely enhance your gaming experience and of course you can always brag about the system that you purchased with IT geeks.

So do I have a top spec machine? No – I am still using an Athlon 1.8 GHz processor and GeForce 2 and 4 Ti graphics card with 512MB of RAM. But I wish I have can buy one of Alienware’s PC.

Aurora ALX Ultimate Performance - $4,999 that’s a whooping $17,500 when converted to my currency!

AMD Athlon 64 X2 3.0 GHz
2X 768 MB GDDR3 GeForce 8800 GTX SLI
4 DVI – Quad display

My god – these specs have blown my brains out! That’s 6GHz of raw power and 4GB RAM is HUGE! Not to mention you’ll have the top class GeForce 8800 GTX and two of it! Quad display and 1 terrabyte (TB) of hard disk.

Christmas is far away, but I’ll place an order with Santa 6 months early. Dear Santa! Grant my wish please!

See the hardware by clicking here. Top 3 Online Games oPDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 15 March 2007
I’d like to do some reviews on online games that is play-worthy and most importantly – FREE! There’s plenty of free massive multiplayer online games out in the market but it’s kind of sad that many of these games are just plain crap – sorry to say.

I used to search the Internet and to look for free and good games. Usually I’ll give these games a try and sometimes I’m just not impressed with the online game. Don’t get me wrong – I was a game addict and still am and although it’s a crappy game, I still can get hook to it for a few weeks.

Mentioned earlier, I’ve played many online games. Some of these games are

Ragnarok Online

1. Ragnarok Online –

It is paid service now but you can find many free private servers. Owned by Gravity, distributed by Gameflier and originated from South Korea, this game was one of the biggest hit in the online gaming industry. Initially they had an international server but branched out to regional countries around Asia – Malaysia, India, Philippines, Indonesia and many more. They even have servers in Europe, China, Brazil, Russia, etc.

RO was the reason I got hooked into online games. It was so fun and addicted and not to mention it was also free when initially launched. I played it full time for 6 months and enjoyed every moment of it. Met plentiful of friends and even had a few girlfriends.

Pros –
1. Addictive
2. Good controls
3. Vast range of characters and skills
4. Constant improvement of the game playability
5. Able to meet and interact with people all around the world

Cons –
1. Some older generation gamers criticize this game being too ‘childish’
2. Botters have taken over the game – huge farming activities

Risk Your Life

2. RYL (Risk Your Life)

When Ragnarok Online started charging, I began looking for another free online game – at least still in beta so that I don’t have to pay. The next big hit was RYL or Risk Your Life. This game has almost everything that you ever want in a 3D online game. Spotting a 3D game engine and of course ‘interactive’ controls which gives you real-time environment, it’s one of the best and well designed games out in the market.

From the time they launched till they started charging, I’ve never regretted playing this game. Furthermore they have enhanced gamer’s experience by launching RYL 2. Not sure how successful was the launch, but I’ve played it for a brief moment and it looks good.

Pros –
1. Beautiful 3D environment without needing a high specs machine to play it
2. Good server response time
3. Real-time gameplay and attack system
4. Interesting weapon choices and upgrade options

Cons –
1. Not many choices of skills and character classes
2. No customizable accessories (girls love this)

Guild Wars

3. Guild Wars –

I should have entered Lineage 2 as the third preferred online games of all time but after thinking for a while, Lineage 2 has some cons that I didn’t like.

My elder brother bought 2 sets of Guild Wars – this is one of the rarest moments where I actually bought ‘original’ software. Each of the codes or license grants you unlimited play online.

What I love about this game is of course the graphics and you don’t need a high spec machine to play this game.

Pros –
1. Low machine specs requirements to run good 3D graphics
2. Can play with your friends and form groups to accomplish missions
3. Can customize your weapon of choice and vast range of skills
4. You’ll just need to purchase the software once and unlimited online play

Cons –
1. Leveling up is kind of slow and tedious
2. You’ll need to travel long distances to fulfill your missions

Of course there are plenty of other online games out in the market but I chose these 3 as my favorite. Happy gaming!
PS If you are wondering what machine I was using, here are the specs:

1.8 GHz Athlon
GeForce2 and GeForce4 Ti

Kind of low isn't it? 

Rappelz, Siege to Glory!PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Overall Game Rating – 3/5 ok-ok, so-so

Rappelz Siege to GloryThis game looks mighty fine from the screenshots that was included in their main site – It looks like a beautiful game and you can even download the trailer from their website!

Game Engine – 5/5
However, I’ve downloaded the game and was not impressed by it. One thing that I should salute was in fact that your machine’s specs don’t need to be top end to play the game. You can actually set what graphics quality you want to play in and in the highest resolution, you get every details such as moving grass, swaying trees and intense details on every object. When I decrease it to medium to low, these objects started to disappear and I can only see a plain terrain. For their game engine I give it a 5/5 – Good Work!

Game Download – 2/5
On the other hand, downloading this game was pretty slow – though I did it in one day with my computer turned on the whole time. The file size was a whooping 1.3 GB. That’s huge! Mighty huge! The thing that turned off my excitement was you’ll need to update the game and their update server is DARN slow! There were files that need to be downloaded and I’m seriously not impressed with their update server. It took me another 6 hours just to update the game – not to forget the difficulty to even connect to their update server. I had to try multiple times before they start updating the game. I’m pretty frustrated, I give u 2/5 – very bad you need to buck up.

Game Play – 2.5/5
Game play was alright you’ll get to choose 3 races and many classes under them and each has their own skills and special abilities. You can choose your character’s face and body features but the clothes are kind of lame as there’s limited choice. And secondly, attacking the monsters is kind of lame as its automatic. All you need to do is select a monster and press the attack key. I prefer Ragnarok Online and RYL attack features compared to Rappelz. You have complete control on how to attack and what to attack and it is real time. But I have to say that the game is kind of laggy. I know, I know – it’s free. But attacking a monster is pretty difficult and this decreases the ‘feel’ of the game. For this I give them 2.5/5 as they did a moderate job.

With all the hype and marketing strategies, I felt that GPotato did an excellent job. But I wouldn’t stick long to this game as the game playability is kind of not so attractive to my tastes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just me and it’s a fact that there are many people who enjoys this game very much.

You can read my review on my other blog by clicking

Want to give this game a try? Visit their main website here