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Dell Streak on Sale August 13PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 12 August 2010
The Dell Streak certainly took sometime before it hit the streets. Nevertheless, it seems that this particular miniature tablet is set to be sold to consumers, this coming August the 13th. On the other hand, you can purchase the Dell Streak on contract with AT&T, whereby you’ll pay $299.99 for the tablet, under 2-year contractual agreement with the telco. And if you want to purchase the Dell Streak without obligations, it’s yours for $549.99.

Also, the Dell Streak will be equipped with the Android 1.6 operating system, and there’s no indication that it might be compatible with the latest version of the Android. Also, you’d be delighted to know that the Streak is capable of capturing 720p videos.

Take a closer look at the Dell Streak:

Dell Streak on Sale August 13

Pool FiltersPDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 12 August 2010 is an online supplier for quality swimming pool supplies. In fact, the respective web retailer carries a huge selection of swimming pool supplies on their web catalog, such as pool equipment, pool chemicals, pool accessories, pool filters, pool recreation and many more. On the other hand, also supplies hot tub spas, garden patio, auto accessories, and also sauna steams. Personally, I would suggest you to browse through their deals section, as you’ll find many great deals and offers listed on this particular section. Also, you can get many holiday gift ideas from as well. For high quality swimming pool supplies, try today!
Researchers Making Progress with BPDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 12 August 2010
We all know that badly made li-ion batteries are downright dangerous, as clearly, these batteries can explode and there were severe incidences that exploding li-ion batteries killed the user. Nevertheless, it also seems that researchers from Shanghai’s Fudan University have recently disclosed that they made progress in developing an aqueous li-ion battery, whereby they claimed that the newer battery is safer and better.

Generally, the aqueous li-ion battery will substitute the oxygen content inside the battery with water, whereby this will make the battery less flammable, and also cheaper to produce. Also, it seems that the latest invention is superb, whereby the batteries can hold 90 percent of the charge, after a thousand cycles of recharging, as compared to only 50 percent holding the charge, after a hundred cycles.

However, researchers are still finding ways to extend the capacity of the battery, something that they are confident to achieve in the near future.

Researchers Making Progress with Better, Safer Li-ion Batteries

BlindsPDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 12 August 2010
If you dislike hanging curtains on your windows, then perhaps you should try using window blinds instead. In fact, window blinds are very easy to maintain, whereby you can easily clean the blinds with a piece of cloth. On the other hand, window blinds are also very durable indeed, whereby it can withstand extreme weather conditions. Well if you are searching for some window blinds for your home, I believe has some pretty good window blind selections. Basically, retails an assorted range of blinds, such as mini blinds, wood blinds, vertical blinds, and also faux wood blinds. Also, sells window shades, sliding panels, shutters and curtains too. For some of the best window blinds, try today!
Toshiba Wipe Deletes Your EncryptePDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 12 August 2010
Leaving sensitive data inside your hard drive is dangerous, as clearly, there are so many snooping software available in the market, which lets you to recover such data – even if the hard drive is formatted many, many times. Nevertheless, Toshiba has announced their self-encrypting disk technology today, whereby you can use this particular technology to encrypt sensitive data.

On the other hand, Toshiba will be including something called the Wipe together with the Self-Encrypting Drive, whereby this particular software will allow users to wipe data from their machines, even with the encrypted data on it.

Well if you are searching for something to wipe your data, perhaps the Toshiba Wipe is the answer that you are looking for?

Toshiba Wipe Deletes Your Encrypted Data

MatoukPDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 12 August 2010
I always buy high quality bedding accessories, as clearly, these accessories are very comfortable to sleep in. And if you are searching for some high quality bedding accessories that can offer you extended comfort, perhaps you should take a closer look at these matouk products instead. Basically, Matouk offers several types of products, such as Matouk bath accessories, blanket covers, bed skirts, bedding accessories, throws and blankets, and also shower curtains. And if you want to take a closer look at these accessories, make sure you click on the link which I have embedded earlier, as the link will forward you to a good web retailer that sells an assorted range of Matouk products. If you are searching for comfortable bedding accessories, try Matouk instead!
Verizon Rumored for LTE, Android 3PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 11 August 2010
Aside from making a multi-million dollar loss for Q2 this year, Verizon is set to conquer the mobile market, whereby rumors have said that the company is working hard for the next gen consumer products, namely the Droid Pro, and also a tablet that will run on the Android 3.0 operating system.

Personally, I find the Droid Pro rumors to be very interesting indeed, whereby this particular smartphone will feature a very fast microprocessor that has a clock speed of 1.3GHz. Generally, this particular Droid is set to be quicker than the 1GHz Droid X and Droid 2. Also, the Droid Pro will come with a 4-inch display, and rumors have mentioned that it might be out in the market, sometime this November.

Do you think that these rumors are true?

Verizon Rumored for LTE, Android 3.0 tablets, a Droid Pro

Spring PlungersPDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 11 August 2010
Shopping for industrial products has never been easier, whereby you can now shop for such products through Basically, this particular web portal supplies an assorted range of industrial products, such as fasteners, tooling components, clamps and workholding, pneumatic and hydraulics, safety products, spring plungers, metalworking, and many more. Also, make sure you browse through their clearance section, as you’ll find many discounted products listed on this particular section. Do take note that the Reid Supply Company has been supplying high quality industrial products since 1948, thus I’m pretty sure you can place your utmost trust in the company. For industrial products, try today!
Buffalo Wireless-N DevicesPDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 11 August 2010
Buffalo has recently launched their latest range of Wireless-N devices into the market, whereby these devices will encompass a standard router, dual-port access point, and also a USB adapter.

Nevertheless, the WCR-GN is actually the wireless router, whereby this particular router will come with the 802.11n WiFi connectivity, as well as 4 Ethernet ports as well. Also, the retail price is somewhat reasonable, whereby the router cost only a mere $40. On the other hand, the WLAE-AG300N is a dual-port access point, whereby you can connect your wireless game consoles into the device, and it will be retailed at $80. The WLI-UC-GNM is a USB2.0 WiFi adapter, and you can purchase this particular device for only $40.

Well take a closer look at Buffalo’s latest USB2.0 WiFi adapter:

Buffalo Wireless-N Devices

Non 12 Step ProgramPDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 11 August 2010
Alcohol and drug addiction are serious problems associated to our community. And if you notice that a good friend of yours is suffering from such addiction problems, then perhaps you should lend a helping hand, simply by helping them to go through a detoxification program. Nevertheless, Malibu Horizon offers a revolutionary non 12 step program, whereby this particular program is aimed at helping addicts to get rid of their addiction, quickly and effectively. On the other hand, the company strives to deliver exceptional results to participants, and I’m pretty sure you’ll find their treatments to be very resourceful indeed. Thus if you need more information regarding the non 12 step program, or Malibu Horizon, make sure you visit their web portal at for more info!
Plastic Logic Kills QUEPDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 11 August 2010
Apparently, Plastic Logic has recently announced that they will be killing their QUE ProReader, whereby this particular product is plagued by perpetual delays that kept it from actually deployed into the market. Generally, CEO Richard Archuleta has mentioned that the company recognizes the dramatic change, and that the product delay has made it senseless to move forward with the first generation reading product. On the other hand, Plastic Logic has disclosed that they will be moving forward for next-gen display technology for their ProReaders.

Personally, I find Plastic Logic displays to be somewhat of a joke – not only it is so darn expensive when compared to conventional display technology, such as the LCD, the expensive price tag has made is also senseless to be used in readers in the market.

Who would want to pay $500 for a monochrome display? I’d rather opt for a netbook instead.

Plastic Logic Kills QUE

Best Fat BurnersPDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 11 August 2010
Would you like to loose weight effortlessly and quickly? Dieting and exercising alone might not help you attain your ideal weight, as clearly, our metabolism also plays an important role in helping us to burn the additional calories stored in our body. Of course, if you want to stimulate your body to burn more fat, then perhaps you should supplement your diet with an appropriate fat burner. And if you want to know the best fat burners in the market, can offer you the necessary resources that can help you find the right fat burner in the market. The respective website reviews top fat burners in the market, and I’m sure you’ll find their recommendations to be very useful indeed. Thus if you want to loose weight quickly, make sure you supplement your diet with a fat burning product today!
China to Build Ginormous Buses thaPDF Print E-mail
Friday, 06 August 2010
We all know that buses take a lot of space on the road, whereby these gigantic beasts will occupy the entire street, and cause various inconveniences to other road users. Nevertheless, it seems that China is set to rectify the problem, whereby it seems that the Chinese are envisioning of building extremely huge buses, which allows other cars to drive underneath it.

In fact, this particular idea was developed by Shenzhen Huashi Future Car-Parking Equipment, whereby they hope that the construction of these gigantic buses will help ease the traffic congestions in the city. On the other hand, it also seems that the company has already started the construction of tracks in Beijing's Mentougou district, whereby by the end of the year, there will be 186km of tracks that will be used by these gigantic buses.

Take a look at the ingenious transportation concept by Shenzhen Huashi Future Car-Parking Equipment – pretty intriguing right?

China to Build Ginormous Buses that Cars can Drive Under

Charlotte Cosmetic DentistPDF Print E-mail
Friday, 06 August 2010
Dr. Tom Farley is the leading cosmetic dentist for the Charlotte region. In fact, Dr. Tom Farley offers various types of cosmetic dentist services, such as tooth replacement, dental implants, porcelain veneers, crowns, teeth whitening, and many more. Personally, I would recommend you to browse through some of the ‘before-and-after’ snapshots found on his website at, just to get a glimpse on the overall quality of his work – I’m sure you’ll find his dentistry skills to be truly magnificent indeed. Well, if you are searching for a charlotte cosmetic dentist, make sure you consult Dr. Tom Farley immediately, as I’m sure you’ll find his dentistry services to be truly indispensable.