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Korean Bendy MemoryPDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 10 November 2011
Most memory modules are not flexible, in which the modules are embedded on a solid and fix surface, and attempts to twist or turn the memory module might damage the onboard data storage modules. Well, inflexible memory modules might be a thing of the past, as the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has just recently unveiled their technological marvel, which enables their memory modules to be extremely flexible.

Basically, KAIST has devised a memory module that is fixed inside a flexible substrate, and whenever the memory module is bent near each other, the transistors will not interface with one another, and there will not be any electo-radiation generated in the process that would jam the functionality of the memory modules. Generally, the flexible RRAM behaves just like the flash memory that we see today, except that it’s ultra-flexible.

Korean Bendy Memory

Kids DPDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 10 November 2011
My beloved nephew will be celebrating his 5th birthday pretty soon, and I’m shopping for an appropriate birthday gift for him. Apparently, my brother has just recently renovated my nephew’s room, and I’m thinking of getting some kids d
Dell XPS 14zPDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 01 November 2011
It’s the time of the year again, where Dell unleashes their latest laptops into the market, with the bid to capture the year-end sales, particularly Black Friday. And this time, Dell has unveiled their latest laptop, dubbed as the Dell XPS 14z, in which the laptop features a 14-inch screen, and runs on the Windows 7 operating system.

Basically, the laptop will be given several processor options, whereby you can configure it to run on the Core i5-2430M or Core i7-2640M processor. You can also expand the DDR3 SDRAM to up to 8GB, and it also supports 750GB of storage too. The Dell XPS 14z also comes with Intel HD Graphics 3000 or NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M graphics card options too. The starting price for the 14z, starts at $1,000 for the most basic configuration. Personally, I feel that the XPS 14z has an uncanny resemblance to Apple’s MacBooks, don’t you think so?

Dell XPS 14z

Alloc OriginalPDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 01 November 2011
The price of wood has shot up tremendously over the past couple of years, as global wood supply is dwindling rapidly, which creates a shortage in wood supply and gradually increases the price. Surely, if you are searching for a viable alternative to wooden flooring, perhaps you should seriously opt for laminated flooring instead. Basically, laminated floors resemble the wooden floor counterpart, except for the fact that laminated floors are cheaper, and yet still retain the durability. Based on my personal observation, alloc original offers some of the best laminated flooring solutions in the market, and their price is very reasonable too. In fact, you can purchase their laminated flooring for a minimal price of just $3.46 per square feet. To learn more about these laminated flooring solutions, kindly browse to for more info.
Duke Nukem 3D Hits AndroidPDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 01 November 2011
Remember the Duke Nukem Series? I remember clearly spending countless of hours blasting rogue aliens on the computer game, and what appeals me the most is the vast game playability, as well as the character’s insane lines, which Duke always utters the craziest words in-game.

Well, if you enjoy Duke Nukem 3D that was released sometime 15 years ago, you’d be delighted to know that you can now revisit the game using your Android device. Basically, Duke Nukem 3D has just been recently made available on the Android, and you can play it on your Android 1.6 and above. However, the game maker recommends that you trot their game on a device that runs on at least Android 2.1 and above. Well, the game is available for download for just $0.99 a piece – great news isn’t it?

Duke Nukem 3D Hits Android

Buy Eyelash EnhacersPDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 01 November 2011
Beautiful women always enhance the length of their eyelashes, as the extended eyelashes can improve the overall facial outlook. In fact, I do find women with long eyelashes to be extremely sexy indeed, as the extended eyelashes beautify the eyes tremendously. Surely, if you are searching for ways to extend your eyelashes, perhaps you should try using eyelash enhancers. And with so many eyelash enhancers available in the market, it’s pretty difficult to pick one of the best, without trying it first. However, I would definitely recommend you to buy eyelash enhacers that are suggested by The respective website uses a revolutionary method to review top eyelash enhancers in the market, and I find their reviews to be very credible and accurate indeed. To learn more about these eyelash enhancers, visit and read some of their eyelash enhancer reviews today.
iPod Turns 10PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 01 November 2011
I remember clearly the day when Apple unveiled their revolutionary portable music device called the iPod. Even then, the first generation iPod drew tremendous interest from the public, which propels its success until today. For those who don’t know – the iPod has turned 10 – and yes, the portable media player has been in existence for 10 long years now.

Nevertheless, the iPod success drew so many possibilities for Apple, whereby the iPod design has inspired other new products and gadgetry from the company, most particularly the iPhone. In fact, the first generation iPhone resembles the iPod, which somehow reminds me of my first iPhone – I would really proud of it then. Well, there’s no big celebration for the iPod, but still, the iPod has scored several good track records, even till now.

iPod Turns 10

Arturo Fuente CigarsPDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 01 November 2011
The Arturo Fuente cigar brand was established sometime in the early 1912, and the cigar is made with Dominican tobacco. Basically, arturo fuente cigars are available in several sizes too, namely from the tiny cigarillo to the gigantic presidente. In fact, the available size variants appeal a vast range of cigar smokers, as smokers could choose to smoke a cigar that has a favorable size factor. Surely, if you are searching for a great way to shop for cigars, I’d urge you to try shopping at The web store carries a huge inventory of cigars, and I would definitely recommend you to browse through their sale section, as you’ll find plenty of cheap cigar deals listed on this particular section. For high quality yet inexpensive cigars, try shopping for some at