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China Claims Worlds Longest High-sPDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 27 December 2012
Over the past decade, China has been pushing their railway technology to the limit. In fact, China has claimed the world’s fastest rail system in the world, through the Maglev, or rather magnetic levitation trains. Well, it looks like China won’t be stopping anytime soon over their railway dominance, and just recently, China has yet again claimed another world title, and this time, it’s none other than the world’s longest high-speed rail line.

Generally, the respective high-speed rail line spans from Beijing in the north, down to Guangzhou in the south, with a length of 1,428 miles. The entire high-speed rail ride would take 8-hour, and it also has a max speed of 186MPH too. Although the high-speed train is generally slower than flight, still, it’s cheaper than flying and less stressful too, as it doesn’t has the standard airport check-in and boarding process.

China Claims Worlds Longest High-speed Rail Line

ShelvingPDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 27 December 2012
Shelves are used to store items neatly, in which the items can be stacked on the shelves systematically, maximizing the storage space tremendously. Also, retailers use shelves to display their products in their stores too. Surely, if you are shopping for a shelving solution for your home or even for your store, I would recommend you to shop for shelves via The respective web store sells various type shelves, namely, boltless shelving, bin shelving, steel shelving, archive shelving, and many more. It’s really easy to shop for shelving at the respective web store, and you can even place your order with a simple click of a button. Visit for high quality shelving solutions.
Nokia Lumia 620, 820 and 920 Made PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 12 December 2012
Nokia is adamant with their Lumia smartphones, and they aren’t going down without a big fight with other mainstream smartphones manufacturers. In fact, Nokia is upping the ante, in which the company has just disclosed their latest range of Lumia smartphones that are bound for the Chinese market. Generally, Nokia has officially announced that the Lumia 620, 820 and 920 would be officially distributed in China.

However, even with Nokia’s official disclosure, it looks like Nokia fell short when it comes to announcing the official launch dates for the smartphones. Nevertheless, the Lumia smartphones would support the HSPA+ 3G connectivity. And as for the pricing, the Lumia 620, 820 and a regular 920 would be priced
Top Gretsch GuitarsPDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 12 December 2012
The guitar is definitely my favorite musical instrument, as guitars can produce exotic tunes that are simply out of this world. I have been playing the guitar for 15 years now, and I enjoy this pastime hobby tremendously, as it brings out the youth in me. Generally, my guitar collection has grown tremendously over the years, whereby my guitar collection now consists of top gretsch guitars, Fender guitars, Gibson guitars, Rickenbacker guitars, Martin guitars, Yamaha guitars, Music Man guitars, and many more. To tell you the truth, I’m thinking of getting yet another Gretsch guitar as my Christmas present, and I’m currently browsing around for some good guitar offers.
Acer C710-2605 ChromebookPDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 12 December 2012
It looks like the Chromebook is taking the market by full force, and if you are shopping around for a Chromebook that is cheap yet packs good hardware features, you should definitely take a closer look at Acer’s latest C710-2605 Chromebook. The respective Chromebook is priced at $299, and for a limited time only, you’ll get twice the RAM at 4GB for your purchase.

Apparently, the Chromebook also comes with a 500GB hard drive, and the battery is also improved to 5,000mAh. Generally, the C710-2605 Chromebook maintains its form factor, whereby you’ll get a 11.6 inches screen, along with the same 1,366 x 768 display. Powering the Chromebook is a 1.10GHz Celeron processor. Other features included in the Chromebook includes WiFi in a/b/g and n flavours, a built in webcam, three USB ports, HDMI, VGA and Ethernet LAN.

Acer C710-2605 Chromebook

Hayward LED Pool LightPDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 12 December 2012
I have always wanted to install a large swimming pool at my backyard, as I like taking a cool and refreshing dip into the swimming pool before I start the day. Although I do not have a swimming pool at home, I always head to my uncle’s house for a quick dip and he’s always more than accommodating whenever I visit him. Just recently, my uncle told me that he wanted to add some swimming pool lights, and he’s been shopping around for the best offers for hayward led pool light. I performed a quick search on the internet for the respective LED lights, and the search engine pointed me to, which supplies a huge inventory of these lights. Based on my observation, prices their Hayward LED pool lights very reasonably too, which makes it perfect for my uncle’s budget.
Fuhu $250 Nabi XDPDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 12 December 2012
The tablet is fast becoming one of the mainstream portable computers of the 21st century, whereby more people are getting tablets which are used as an everyday tool. Of course, if you are shopping around for a brand spanking new tablet PC, you should definitely take a closer look at Fuhu’s latest Nabi XD, which promises so many new goodies that you’ll ever want in a tablet PC.

First up, the Nabi XD features a 10.1-inch, 1,366 x 768 IPS display, and powering the tablet is a quad-core Tegra 3 platform. The Nabi XD also runs on the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system. Generally, the Fuhu Nabi XD would cost you a mere $249 for the 16GB variant, and you can also opt for the 32GB version for just $349. Since we’ll be celebrating Christmas, perhaps you ought to pamper yourself with a Fuhu Nabi XD?

Fuhu $250 Nabi XD

Cheap Yard SignsPDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 12 December 2012
Do you know that signs are one of the most commonly used advertising platforms in the 21st century? In fact, wherever you go, you’ll find a sign planted snuggly on the ground. Surely, if you are searching for a company that specializes in printing high quality yet cheap yard signs, you should definitely liaise with The respective company can print yard signs at various sizes, in which you can opt for anything that measures 12” by 12” to up to 48” high by 46” wide. Do take note that these yard signs are extremely rigid, and it is fade resistant and water resistant too. Simply point your browser to for more info on these high quality yet cheap yard signs.
Fiat 500e EV Debuts at the LA AutoPDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 01 December 2012
The Fiat 500e EV isn’t designed to be a good looking electric vehicle, but surely, the designers have placed careful considerations when it comes to its practicality. Generally, the Fiat 500e EV made its initial debut at the LA Auto Show, and the first impression that I got was that this car is darn ugly – something your neighbors would use to taunt you whenever you reverse the Fiat 500e EV out of your driveway.

However, the Fiat 500e EV does come equipped with an 111HP motor, in which the electric motor is powered by a 24kWh battery that can generate up to 147 pound-feet of torque. The batteries can give you up to 80 miles in range, while city drivers can enjoy an additional 20 miles per charge. The Fiat 500e EV would require a 240-volt outlet to juice up the battery, and it would take a full 4 hours to get it all juiced up.

Fiat 500e EV Debuts at the LA Auto Show

Letterhead PrintingPDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 01 December 2012
Most official letters sent by companies would be printed on a paper that bears the company’s official letterhead. Surely, if you are searching for a trustworthy and inexpensive Letterhead Printing service, you should definitely check out immediately. The respective website can point you to some of the best online printing services in the region, which provides various services like digital printing, pre-press, embossing, bindery, and many more. It’s really easy to find a printer in your region, whereby all you need to do is to insert your zip code or address into the system, and the website will search its massive database for appropriate matches. Visit for more info.